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located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Markus Vasco
Shadowfaux | Hero | x|xhex: #800000

Markus simply shook his nodded his head as Lucian spoke, taking in everything he said as he silently ate. Lucian was correct, they had to start planning on what to do next, even with his recent injury he'd have to push through. They weren't going to make it very far if they stopped their plans simply cuz he was injured. He took plenty of beatings in the past, and a simple stab wound wasn't going to keep him down. He rolled his eyes at the mention of the suits for their main plan, up until now he had almost entirely forgotten. He thought for a moment as he bit his lip while he was in deep thought, "Nothing too flashy or out there like it was for that event last time. Last thing we need is for people to start putting the pieces together for who I am. And nothing too bright or obnoxious patterns. Those don't suit me, no pun intended." he said with a small grin as he finished the rest of his food, and quickly emptied the dishes into the sink.

Turning back to Lucian as he spoke, "My trip to the shop shouldn't be too long, if anything comes up or if I'm gone for too long, I'll message you when I can. Sound good?" he said in a rather rhetorical manner as he quickly left to change into a proper outfit of just a simple t-shirt and over shirt with jeans. He grabbed his wallet and keys and quickly left after giving a short and as usual awkward goodbye to Lucian for now.

The trip to the shop wasn't very long, nor was the appointment and 'conversation' he had with his boss. He was given a final notice, if he skipped any more appointments or stopped answering any calls or texts, he'd be let go. He hadn't even gotten much of a word into the one sided conversation as she had somewhere to be and swiftly left after making sure he got the message. When he heard the door close behind him, he swore under his breath. He knew he was cutting things a bit too close with his job, skipping more than just a few days like he had told Lucian. He'd get over it, and if need be he would be able to find a new job, Scarriden was a big enough city. He grabbed a few things and swiftly left himself, the small chime of the door sounded as he left. Shoving his hands into his coat pockets he slowly began making his way back to his apartment, taking a different route as he could have sworn he had the feeling of someone falling him from afar. But not turning around or giving a sign that he was aware of the figures that were slowly trailing from behind him.