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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

Petra & Ross


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Petra remained perfectly steady on her feet despite the gentle movement of the boat, spinning when Ross guided her into one. She returned easily to her partner, his hand settling on her hip, their bodies almost pressed together as they swayed. This was how it was supposed to be that night, she thought, before... well, before everything.

"They said yer name. 'N aye wasn't goin' ta let 'em take ya." Now it was Petra's turn to open her mouth to speak, only for the words to catch in her throat when Ross continued to speak. "Aye'm ok. Nearly healed."

"Not the point," she corrected him quietly, her eyes moving to the remaining bruises, each one a reminder of how he'd put himself in harm's way for her. Her fingers twitched, wanting to help heal them; his nose looked especially painful, even if it was healing well.

The feeling of his hand running lightly across her cheek pulled her attention away from his injuries, and their eyes met again. It was a full moment before Petra realised that Ross's face was moving closer, and she discerned his next move. Accordingly, her heart skipped a beat, and then started pounding crazily in her chest. She hoped he couldn't hear it, but it seemed likely that with how close they were standing, he was perfectly aware.

As if he had, Ross paused, still looking into her eyes. "Ye can stop meh." It was all the power she'd ever had, more than she'd ever held in her palms, that ability to stop everything in its tracks if she wanted. But the answer was clear to her. Instead of answering, she closed the rest of the distance between them, pressing their lips together as her eyes fluttered shut. It was gentle and sweet, and a moment later she pulled away to catch her breath, still staring at Ross as she tried to process the past minute. "Iā€”I liked that," she confessed, her voice barely audible. Her hand left Ross's shoulder where it had been resting, moving down the length of his arm to rest her fingers on his wrist, though she was trembling with nerves. "Will you kiss me again?"