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Be Gentle With Me
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Don't Break Me

Ethan was determined to put his foot down about this. He couldn’t stay here. Not with Kairo. He almost had two panic attacks in front of this man. He was intruding on the private part of his life. Kai had to cancel the appointments for the rest of the day and he banned his fiance from coming to the studio without permission. Ethan was the cause of that and quickly becoming a nuisance to someone that was supposed to be helping him. After this he was probably going to have to find a new therapist or just stick with the one he has now. Talk therapy wasn’t his favorite, but music therapy was proving to become complicated. On top of all that, everytime Kai smiled Ethan felt his heart jump and it needed to stop. Starting today.

”I actually enjoyed having company here.” All of Ethan’s racing thoughts about being a bother and needed to get away came to a halt. Kai liked having the company. He didn’t specifically say YOUR company Ethan ignored that thought. His company was apparently still company enough. After a few more moments of hesitating, Clark made his way back to the empty spot on the couch so that he could eat the dinner before it got cold. He settled easily, making sure there was a comfortable distance between the two of them prior to taking a bite of his food. Ethan had to fight back the moan that threatened to escape. The food was amazing. It has been a while since he has had a home cooked meal. A lot of his stuff is pre-made or frozen. This was heaven to him.

Ethan continued to eat, focusing on Kai’s words, still determined to go home after dinner. Even if he was good company, he couldn’t stay any longer. It was going to kill him. a friend.. He basically tuned out after that. Kairo considered him to be a friend. The handsome music therapist considered him - a bundle of nerves and panic - a friend. Ethan just let that play around in his head for a moment. How was he supposed to reject Kai now? Going home almost seemed wrong especially after he shared this special place with him. Ethan had to spend the night. But this would be the only time. Kai even threw a cherry on top with an offer to take him to see the waterfall down the road.

For a moment, he let silence fall between them as he took more bites of food. You can’t stay. You have to stay. You can’t stay. You have to stay. You can’t stay. You have to stay. You can’t stay. You have to stay. You can't- ”O-okay, I will stay.” He assured Kairo. He pushed away any thoughts screaming at him that it was a terrible idea. ”B-but only because you made me dinner and I want to see the waterfall.” Ethan smiled a bit and finished up the food before him. ”Also, that was the best dinner I have had in awhile.”