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located in Molecay, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


Molecay is a well known Aschen world, with fiercely independent attitudes and a desire for freedom.


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As the connection was made, and the handshakes authenticated across the vast subspace network the Aschen called the 'Datalink' the blue, feminine visage of the AI hologram EVE flickered into view. Along with her face, a three-dimensional holographic projection of the Molecay system flickered into view across a large round table that was situated in the center of the Indefatigable's CIC.

"Ad Victoriam, Commander Ruben, and welcome back." EVE reported, her soft voice resonating through the speakers integrated into the console.

"Receiving new orders!" The AI Added. "Your ship has been assigned to Classis II, Molecay Fleet, under the command of Admiral Clegg, Flagship designation: Imperious Class Command Carrier, Keeper of Abassid. Location: Epsilon Eridani, Provincia Yellowstone."

Pausing a moment, the three-dimensional holographic projection zoomed out, panning to a view of the galaxy, Aschen space highlighted in green, and the region of Aschen space they were to report, highlighted in blue, with FTL Coordinates displayed.

"Commander, During your shore leave, several key systems have been refitted, and upgraded, as well as a new version of the Command Interface, would you like to test the calibrations prior to departure?" The AI added.