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Be Gentle With Me
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Don't Break Me
Ethan could not imagine someone not telling Kairo how amazing his food is. He was so used to heating up dinners or picking up takeout. There were some days where he wouldn’t really eat at all. The last time he had a home cooked meal was several months ago when he spent the weekend with his parents for his mother’s birthday. It was his most consistent meal and best meal he had in a long time. He knew it would be selfish of himself to ask if Kairo could bring him a meal whenever they had their appointments. Ethan almost never ate before them, his nerves always kicked in. Although comfortable with his music therapist, it wasn’t easy talking about your day with a stranger. He was definity going to be more nervous now, considering that his last appointment led to a panic attack.

Dishes were washed and hands were clean. He was waiting for Kairo to take the lead for their journey. Ethan wasn’t exactly dressed for a long walk, but he was still willing to go. During stressful moments he liked being outside. He felt like he could breathe and that his thoughts weren’t as loud. However, he is usually alone when outside. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen walking around with just Kairo. ”I don’t mind the walk.” He finally said with a soft smile.

The two of them made their way out of the apartment and out onto the streets. His arms were wrapped around himself. His steps felt like they were loud against the dirt path as the two of them mostly walked in silence. Ethan allowed his eyes to wander around as the comforts of the city were completely replaced with unfamiliarity of nature. The air was fresher and easier to breathe in. It was a bit cooler, but it felt good in his lungs. As they continued down the dirt path, the sounds of the waterfall grew louder. Before he knew it, the waterfall was in clear view. Ethan was in awe. It was beautiful. The way it cascaded into the lake below was so calming. ”This is beautiful.” He stated, his eyes never leaving the waterfall. Finally he managed to turn and look at Kai. ”How did you find this place? How often do you come here?” He asked, fascinated that he even had the luxury of being so close to this place.