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K A I R O ✧ C H O I
Location ✧ Kairo's studio apartment
Outfit ✧ Here
Dialogue ✧ 400E15
The walk to the lake was rather quiet, not that Kairo particularly minded, he just hoped Ethan didn't feel uncomfortable with the silence. He did make small talk every now and then, pointing out some of his favorite things on the way. It was nothing but nature, a complete contrast to the bustling city both he and Ethan were accustomed to. It was nice. Always a welcomed change of pace for the music therapist. Soon enough, they reached the waterfall. Kairo was satisfied with Ethan's reaction. It was very similar to his own once he'd found it, though he'd been alone and had no choice but to express his excitement to the wind. Thankfully no one had been around, otherwise, they may have found him strange for talking to himself.

"How did I find it? Hmm..." Kairo had to pause for a second, his mind taking him back tot he first day he'd learned about the waterfall. "I think it was actually my landlord that told me about it." the young man noted, his eyes following the cascading lines of the clear water. "He said he didn't share it with most people because he knew they wouldn't appreciate or take care of it, but somehow he trusted me enough to." he added, a slight smile gracing his lips. "So because of that, usually it's only me here." He concluded, making sure to include that not to boast, but mostly to let Ethan know that no one would be coming to interrupt their tranquil time.

Kairo's gaze continued to follow the water as it blended into the river. The current looked calm, and from experience, Kairo knew it was deep enough to swim but shallow enough to be safe. He pondered his next sentence for a moment before looking over at Ethan, a playful smirk on his face. "Whataya say...? Fancy a swim?"

He hoped Ethan knew how to swim, and that his question wouldn't make him feel self-conscious. However, even if the boy knew nothing more than a weak doggy paddle, the waters were shallow enough for him to stand. deciding he wouldn't wait for an answer this time, but instead would take the lead, Kairo quickly stripped off his shirt and placed it on a rock nearby. A genuine smile of joy took over his features as he exchanged glances with Ethan one last time before jumping into the clear waters. His head peaked out after a couple of seconds, strands of dark brown falling over his eyes. "Come on in! It feels great!"