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Be Gentle With Me
{ethan 'clark' alexander}
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Don't Break Me
Ethan was still amazed by the beauty of the waterfall. Its serene appearance and soft sounds eased his nerves almost immediately. His body was almost fully relaxed from head to toe. He could probably sit and listen to the cascading waters of the waterfall for the rest of the night if Kai had let him. What made this place much better was that it was for the most part a secret. Its location and waters can’t be tainted with overpopulation. Even more so, it was like it belonged to Kai. Ethan was trying to tear himself away from the waterfall long enough to look at his music therapist to actually focus on what he was saying.

"Whataya say...? Fancy a swim?" That quickly grabbed his attention. They were allowed to swim in it? It looked as though it shouldn’t be touched. But Ethan was truly tempted. Though panic set in when Kai removed his shirt. Ethan blushed and looked down at his feet. He could not go in that water. Not with a very attractive and shirtless Kairo. He wasn’t supposed to find his therapist attractive in the first place. ”You will get caught out here.” Just because no one had been told about it doesn’t mean someone couldn’t walk by. What if it was someone that knew Kairo? ”They could tell his wife.” He could feel his heart racing a bit.

His thoughts were interrupted with the sounds of a large splash. Kairo was already in the water and looked genuinely happy to be there. Ethan desperately wanted to join him. ”Don’t get in the water. ”"Come on in! It feels great!" He was convinced. Ethan removed his shirt and placed it on the same rock that Kai used before jumping in. He sunk a bit to the bottom and allowed himself to truly be in the moment before coming up for air. Ethan pushed the hair out of his eyes and smiled brightly for the first time in a while. ”You were right. It does feel great.” ”This is a terrible idea.” Ethan ignored that thought.

He dipped back under the water and swam in circles around his music therapist for a bit, occasionally splashing him when he could. Ethan hasn’t been this relaxed in a long time. And he was going to milk every second of it while he could. ”This is the most fun I have had in a long time.” He managed to say in between his laughter. His words were unwavering and came out more confidently than they had when he was in the apartment.