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located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Markus Vasco
The Hero | Outfitx|xhex: #800000
xxxGlory and gore go hand in hand
xxxThat's why we're making headlines (Oh! Oh!)
xxxYou could try and take us (oh-oh)
xxxBut victory's contagious
Markus didn't know what happened first, the sound of foot-steps encroaching closer and closer, being ready to turn around and strike, or what sounded like more than just a scuffle happened behind him. By the time he had shifted stance and turned, two of the men were already taken out, and the third already had a knife to his throat. Markus was only able to blink as he tried to take in the scene that laid out before him. Lucian had a knife to the last remaining man's throat and was already questioning him. He stood silently, both in shock and confusion as to why he was being followed by Lucian, but he couldn't deny being thankful.

He arched an eyebrow when the man told Lucian what he wanted to know, and quickly turned to look away when Lucian silenced the man with a knife to the abdomen. His own wound hurting in response caused him to hold back the feeling of nausea that quickly took over. Markus watched as Lucian began to make quick work of making it look like an attack gone wrong, while asking Markus if he was okay. He only shook his head nervously in response at first before being able to form the words he needed, "I'm fine but...Luc..How...Why. Forget it. Just, thanks." he was able to quickly ramble out before he was being ordered to go back to his place, get some things and their computers and he'd be sent an address to meet up at later. He was going to question it, but he knew full well to not question things when Lucian ordered him around like this. He possibly would have gotten outnumbered and beaten up again for the second time, and no one would have been the wiser if Lucian hadn't been trailing him. Something he didn't think he'd be thankful for.

The two quickly parted ways, and Markus made his way back to his apartment a few short minutes later, using his powers to help lessen the amount he'd have to walk. He unlocked his apartment door and quickly closed and locked it behind him, making sure no one was in the apartment before he started collecting his things. He grabbed a large duffle bag and began putting some clothes, supplies, first aid, and their computers and files in them. As well as a few other things and quickly walked out the door. Markus didn't know what they would be doing, or what exactly was their go-to plan from here, but when he received the address he quickly made his way there. It was on the sketchier side of Scariden, and he didn't know what to think of it exactly, but he wasn't entirely turned off by the idea. He made his way to the apartment door and knocked it as he awaited for Lucian to let him in, "Alright, Asshole." he called out.