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Snippet #2811106

located in Pagourano Spaceport, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Pagourano Spaceport

Despite not being the largest and well hidden, the sounds of what few ships arrive and depart echo throughout the surrounding peaks & down into Dracos Valley. Thankfully Pagourano is relatively quiet despite.


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Character Portrait: Maxim Heath Character Portrait: Michael Lewis Character Portrait: Tigwald Mayweather
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Heath had been wondering around town for a few weeks waiting on the contact from his crew. He knew they were out making things happen. Scouting the lands and probably attempting to hunt. But it was frustrating that they hadn't made contact with him up until now. They had a procedure for such things.

Heath began to wonder what he would do after the first couple of days, but after participating in the shooting tournament with the crappy gun, he needed to start making s osl me business moves. He had the itch to deal. Luckily, the contact from ok ne of his crew members over in the Iron Sink had begun contact and started making things happen. So that gave him to reprieve.

But he needed more.

A week into staying at the town, and he bought the local tavern. Immediately hiring some locals to help him renovate. He knew, the food was good but he needed MORE. Everything needed profits to work, and he would provide a service for rest. Alongside some alterations to the local cuisine standards.

Of course he would have to hire some people...

Lamentation aside...he found himself back at the space port. Waiting...but this time, for shipments. Which a big change from before. Hopefully they would arrive soon.