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located in Ebozon Woods, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ebozon Woods

The ominous woods that engulf Ebozon. All must venture via the run down paths to get to the city known as BleakMouth


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Aza wiped the blood off her dagger, sheathing her precious tool before kicking the body of her most recent victim into the ditch beside the road. Poor soul must’ve been heading to Bleakmouth. No one in their right mind would venture into these woods unless they were going there.
She shook her head pityingly and started off at a jog down the path, going to Bleakmouth herself. The cloak she had stolen off her victim rustled about her shoulders as she thought wryly; Well, unless they’re trying to kill someone, I suppose.
After all, Azawakh wasn’t the only one who had taken advantage of the warring kingdoms to make a profit.