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K A I R O ✧ C H O I
Location ✧ Kairo's studio apartment
Dialogue ✧ #400E15
A small part of Kairo had expected Ethan to reject his invitation to join him, and the young boy's features did appear to be preparing for that for a split second, however, without much hesitation, Ethan catapulted himself into the crystal waters. Kairo couldn't help but chuckle as he did so, deciding to completely toss aside their professional relationship and just enjoy this moment as friends. Truth be told, Kairo hadn't had a friend willing to do these kinds of things with him in a long time, and as he returned Ethan's scattered water attacks, he was reminded of how much he missed it. At Ethan's statement he paused, not because he was surprised, but because he realized that he could relate. He chuckled softly, splashing Ethan with a small amount of water before responding. "I told you." he spoke as he swam lazily around Ethan. "This waterfall is magical."

As far as he could recall, there wasn't a single heartache or worry that this place hadn't been ab;e to cure for Kairo. After a few more water attacks and shared laughs, Kairo brought himself to face Ethan, he opened his mouth to speak but a single raindrop landing on his nose brought his thoughts to a pause. The young therapist's gaze turned upwards, only now having realized the clouds that had quickly gathered. A couple more drops fell on his face, as well as Ethan's. Kairo's eyes widened slightly at the sound of faint rumbling. "Uh oh...we should probably start heading back." he suggested, though he wasn't too ecstatic about having to leave the falls, he also didn't want them getting caught in a thunderstorm.

The two swam to the edge as Ethan pulled himself up onto the dry ground. He let his body air cry before pulling his shirt back on and allowing Ethan enough time to do the same. Though they hadn't been able to stay for as long as he'd hoped, Kairo could see the significant difference in Ethan's features. He was much more relaxed, almost carefree, and Kai hoped to keep it that way. At least for the remainder of the night. The air on the way back felt a bit chilly due to being wet, however, Kairo was thankful the water hadn't caught up to them At least not until they were halfway there. However, when they were most confident they'd make it, the sky crackled and the drops began to fall in a fury.