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❝Inside the mirror do you see someone else in that body?❞

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Carter grimaced as he returned to the base after a day's worth of searching. "This is all I was able to get." He said, looking bitterly in his hands. A broken walkie talkie, the same model that Winter had used. "It was outside his room." Ezra clenched his fist, clearly looking as if he wanted to hit something. "Claude's one of us, he's the brat's brother! We can't let anything happen to him!" Chikyu had a worried expression on her face as well, almost as if she cared about Claude's well being to some minor extent. Did she really care? It was impossible to tell, really. Serenity had woken up in tears when she recalled how useless she was, and Serenity recounting what that reporter had said to Elise only made Ezra more agitated. He couldn't lose his cool though, Elise was more delicate than she acted. Winter said he wasn't like the other guys, but wasn't his nickname the wild child?

Sir Ender and his primary aide and the public speaker for the Slithers, Kronya, came back as well, surprised to see all the Vassals gathered in the Ender's home. Orange-haired Kronya smiled as she explained what happened. "They were in danger, Sir, so they were moved here. This way we can secure them and make sure they stay safe." Sir Ender nodded, accepting her explanation. "Has Doctor Lidia been here to keep a watch on our infected Vassals?" Lidia was busy out taking care of the Quarantine Ward with most of the other members of the medical team, but Ezra was on standby with a direct line to Lidia's holo to report if anything changed. "She's being updated and is advising the Vassals on treatment according to the information and current status of the patients." Right now both were stable, Lidia made sure to perform surgery and a blood transfusion for Elise before returning to the trenches.

Oliver glowered at his father, clearly with the intention of picking a fight. "Let's discuss this in my office, son." Sr Ender said, taking Oliver by the shoulder but Oliver brushed it off, his eyes hostile. Onec they were in the privacy of his office, Sir Ender sat in the chair by his desk, gesturing Oliver to take a seat. He refused, naturally. "Father, is it true that you and Lidia are responsible for this virus outbreak? For contaminating the water?" Sir Ender smiled, shaking his head. "Of course not, son. While we did experiments, we always made sure to safely dispose of the bodies safely." He raised an eyebrow, as if begging his son to explain. "Why would we want to poison our own people when the goal is to create a community strong enough to fight against the Chrysanthemum?"

"But the article says-" Sir Ender smiled patiently and shook his head. "My son, clearly this is someone slandering us, trying to ruin the community we have created. Did you forget? We fight for justice and for the people. The Chrysanthemum is evil and vile, they must be defeated so that their tyrrany ends. Don't let a random article get in the way of our just cause." For a moment Oliver's eyes glazed over and then he nodded. "That's right." He said in agreement. "The important thing is that we defeat the Chrysanthemum. We're the freedom fighters, working for justice's sake." Their cause and ideal was righteous, and he would not believe the lies of someone willing to set the Doctor free. After all, the article was clearly written with the Doctor's intentions in mind.

At last, the fourty eight ours of containment was over and as soon as Doctor Lidia gave them permission, Ezra opened the door, this time without wearing the protective hazmat suits they were supposed to wear. "Elise, Serenity, you two are free! Welcome back to modern civilization!" He bore a grin, trying to play it cool. Winter assured him he wasn't as bad as the others, right? He wouldn't try to hurt the black eagle like everyone else? "We were getting tired of this stuffy little ward." Serenity admitted with a chuckle. All they had was a drab room and a bathroom connected to it that Serenity had to help Elise use every time since she cold barely walk anymore. The stabbing and the illnesss set her back on physical wellness, she would be confined to the wheelchair again.

Still, her ruby eyes were clear and focused as she gazed at Ezra. "Serenity was bouncing in excitement as the clock winded down." Elise said with an unreadable smile that pinched at Ezra's heartstrings. With an elegant move of her arm she gestured at the wheelchair. "I am not as mobile. Do you mind helping, Ezra?" Did that mean she still trusted him? With the hearts in Serenity's eyes, Ezra had a feeling she was the one who told Elise to do this though. Well, he wouldn't say no to the matchmaker's whims. "Of course! I'll tale you to the others, we're about to start a planning meeting, Oliver had a very interesting topic."

After giving the girl time to change, Ezra helped transfer Elise to the wheelchair. "Is my brother here?" While Serenity was willing to help dress and make-up Elise, she would always be most comfortable under her brother's brush and design. "We couldn't find him, but we're still looking. Sir Ender says he has his best agents searching for him." Not even the cameras were able to capture the moment he vanished. Where did he go and what happened to him? Ezra hoped that his future brother in law would be safe. "So what's the meeting about?" Serenity asked, distracting Ezra from Elise's troubled frown. "Well, that's..." As they entered Oliver's meeting room (just his room really), Ezra was happy to answer. "The meeting to debate if we should rebel against Sir Ender or not!"

Oliver seemed relieved that the two patients were able to make it. "Thank you for coming." He said, fire smoldering in his eyes. "As we just heard Ezra say, I invited all the Vassals here so that we could discuss the pros and cons of my proposal." Whatever he talked with his father did not convince him. "Father has no care for the life and safety of the citizens other than as a means of production and war." Oliver growled. "If I lead the Slithers, I would be able to set us on the right path." His expression softened then, looking down. "But my father is better at commanding the soldiers. Will we be able to win without his help?"

Elise looked weak in her chair but she still spoke up before anyone else. "My opinion depends entirely on one question. Are we able to capture the Doctor and force him to serve our bidding?"