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located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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the villain - 2d2a2f - outfit
xxi throw my head back, heart under attack
xxstraight through the chest like a thunderclap
xxyou can burn too bright, burn too bright to see
xxwith the lights out, a shadow of a doubt
Markus was clearly more out of it than Luc had realised as he simply looked confused at his comment about taking his shirt off, instead of a usual witty comment. He wasn't quite meeting Lucian's eyes. At first, he wasn't quite sure why, and played it down as just the brain and stress of the situation. But as Lucian handed him back his shirt and Markus began rambling about how they'd had a rough few days, it clicked why Markus seemed to be looking at him differently. He'd just seen Lucian kill three men in cold blood, without a hesitation, and make the whole thing look like a fight gone wrong. Markus was a hero, and Luc had almost forgotten that. He was probably horrified at what he'd seen.

He headed back out to the kitchen as Markus asked what they needed to do, draining his own glass and pouring himself another. "Yeah, sure, we can work something out," he said, throwing himself down on the couch. "It just feels like we're going to have to get a little smarter with our thinking. They have us outnumbered by... hundreds, probably. If we just keep fighting, our luck is going to run out at some point." He mused.

"We have to assume they're tracking us. Probably tracking our cards, our devices, everything like that. I can do something about that, make sure we're not being bugged, make sure we can't be tracked. Obvious thing would be to just pay in cash from now on, but... just to screw with them, we could also buy a bunch of shit and have them sent to random locations and have them show up to random apartments across the city. That could also raise public suspicion, like why the hell did cops show up days after a random package showed up?" He continued, reaching into one of the bags and retrieving his laptop. As he spoke, he ran a scan on his laptop. Once he was happy it hadn't been compromised, he checked in on the tracker he'd sent in the gala invitation.

"As far as I'm aware, they don't suspect anything about the invitation, they really think it's legit. Even the ones who have gotten a VIP invite to our very special drinks reception don't seem to have realised anything. So we have to hope that stays consistent." he took another sip from his drink. "So, hero boy, any thoughts or plans or suggestions? Don't let the big bad Maelstrom monologue for too long," he teased, his tone light. It was as much a warning and a reminder to himself as anything. A hero and a villain. This couldn't, wouldn't, last. If they succeeded, they'd be on opposite sides again.