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Snippet #2812729

located in Olympia, a part of Gods and Monsters: Olympus Has Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Abby Rae Jarvis Character Portrait: Wesley Tate Character Portrait: Calden Archer Character Portrait: Maya Torres Character Portrait: Cadence Perry Character Portrait: Ali Hughes Character Portrait: Lux Slade Character Portrait: Sebastian Rhodes Character Portrait: Percival Reese Character Portrait: Reagan Devereux
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Wesley Tate // Child of Hades// Brain // Location: Legacy Academy

Wes had been nursing the same glass of scotch for the better part of an hour. As he’d never been one given to the loss of control inherent to drunken revelry, that wasn’t necessarily odd, especially with the Agon starting tomorrow. Considering his role was as chief strategist for the team, one might even call his moderation prudent. What was odd however, was his lack of killer focus. Women had always been drawn to Wes, or his wealth and position at least, and that effect was quantified exponentially in the presence of his best friend Sebastian. On a normal night, he would have already sequestered one of the girls vying for his attention for the evening. The game he played was a delicate one; women were just as competitive as men, and winning was an intoxicating aphrodisiac. They’d play along for a time, but the kind of women he attracted didn’t share. If he didn’t give one their metaphorical tiara soon, the game would be a bust, no one leaving happy.

He just couldn’t make himself care, and that in itself was frustrating. Not having absolute control over his own emotions grated, and while logically Wes could identify the source of this change, he refused to acknowledge it to himself for what it was. And then, as if the mere whisper of a thought had summoned her, Lux was there, wearing the most ridiculously fetching getup he was almost embarrassed to admit he found appealing. His eyes chased her all the way to the bar with a look that smoldered like heated coals just waiting for tinder to ignite. He was so caught up, that he almost missed Seb’s remarks entirely.

“Now now, it’s not nice to tease unless you intend to follow through Seb.” Wes tossed back as a playful smirk twisting his lips. If the suddenly flushed cheeks were anything to go by, it was a proposition many of the girls here found appealing. Wes could practically see the wheels of fantasy turning in their heads as they imagined all the wicked things these two handsome men might do to each other nestled between the sheets; not to mention anyone lucky enough to be brought along for the ride. It was an amusing role to play to, and one Wes might have easily slipped into for an evening of meaningless fun…if not for those fishnets.

Hands were on Lux’s thighs, fingers twined in her fishnet stockings, and something primal and possessive roared to life savagely at the knowledge those weren’t his hands. Instead they belonged to Cadence, a practiced hand at charming unsuspecting demigods herself, and looking like the personification of sex itself in her curvaceously fringed attire. It wasn’t rational what Wes felt, like a flare of challenge one feels after spotting a true competitor threatening what was yours, but logic wasn’t driving this train at the moment. “Excuse me.” was all Wes got out before striding away, weaving through the crowd as quickly as possible. Cadence was still gone by the time he managed to make it to Lux though, leaving him standing there feeling uncharacteristically foolish.

“Are you alright?” Wes asked, feeling stupid for not having something better ready at hand to say to help him feel less off balance. “Did she try something?” He continued, eyes scanning the crowd suspiciously as he found her dancing now with Percy. He was a rival competitor from another team, but also Lux’s friend, so he evaluated the likelihood of any coordinated foul play as low.

Abby Jarvis // Child of Ares// Brawn // Location: Legacy Academy

“Right…” Lottie agreed skeptically as her eyes followed Lucas’ retreating form, only to snag on a trim and neatly tailored form that made her more often than not feel weak, and liquid, and a little out of breath. She still couldn’t believe she was on the same team with Seb, instincts often warring between hovering close by, and fleeing in a daze of awkward panic, but now she had a legitimate excuse to talk to the beautiful son of Aphrodite, and it was dizzying. “Gods he’s beautiful…” Lottie sighed, looking moonstruck as she watched him move like a prince in command within his kingdom. He was in his element here, so confident and unapproachable it made her heartsick.

Abby's eyes followed Lottie’s gaze, landing on their teammate with much less admiration. No one with functioning eyes could deny Sebastian Rhodes was beautiful, but the appeal was greatly diminished by the fact Seb was a stuck up prick who could give Narcissus a run for his money. “Don’t feed his ego. A couple more compliments, and his head will burst.” Abby drawled flatly as she brought the bottle back to her lips to take a swig of her newly acquired whiskey.

“I just...he’s so wonderful.” Lottie gushed, taking Abby’s free hand in her own as moral support as she staring mornfully at the absolute cloud of admirers hanging about him, even as Wes made a sudden exit. Did something happen? Mustering up her courage, Lottie decided to take the spirit of the evening in hand. “We should say hello. It’s a party right, we’re teammates, it would be rude not to!” Lottie recited with forced cheer to blanket over her nerves, dragging Abby forward with her as she approached Seb and his remaining gaggle of hangerson.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Abby warned, not nearly drunk enough for the inevitable confrontation about to ensue. In truth, she could have broken out of Lottie’s grip easily, just slipped away in the crowd and avoided this crap entirely. But Lottie was a nice kid, a little too sheltered, and so painfully besotted with Sebastian Rhodes that a blind monkey could tell. Frankly, Abby didn’t trust Seb to be gentle with the shy sophomore or her school girl crush, so if she couldn’t dissuade Lottie from doing something stupid, she could at least ruffle some of pretty boy’s feathers real good for some payback on her behalf.

“Hi Seb! I like your cuff links.” Lottie chipped before the horror of what she’d led this conversation with really hit, soldiering on with no real cognizant control over what began spilling out of her mouth at this point. “I just mean, coral tones really work for you is all. Not that you don’t know that right?! You’re you! Everything looks good on you. Just the roses were a nice touch, very chic, and you know me, always appreciate a nod to the flower power!” Lottie laughed nervously.

Oh kid…Watching the train wreck in front of her ensue, Abby took a sympathetic pull of whiskey for them both. Nope, she was definitely not drunk enough yet for this shit, but hey, in for a penny and all that. “The glasses do help distract from that whole fathead situation. Good choice” Abby tossed out glibly, deciding it was time to kick the hornet’s nest for a proper deflection.

Maya Torres // Child of Apollo// Special // Location: Legacy Academy

Maya still hadn’t quite forgiven Helen and the others on the party commission for going with the retro rave theme over the far more appropriate spring break beach getaway (They had a lake right there for gods’ sake!) one she’d spent the better part of a year planning out. She had to admit though, that it was going well, but she still maintained her tropical slice of the party, especially in the middle of so much neon crazy, was the best part. Besides, she sure as Hades wasn’t wasting this outfit after all the time she’d spent putting it together. Threading LED lights through a coconut bra and hula skirt was a surprisingly arduous undertaking, but the results spoke for themselves.

The frozen pineapple mango concoction Maya had been sipping on was a bit strong, but there was just enough sweetness counteracting the bite to leave a myriad of flavors playing across her tongue. It also helped to calm the jitters she’d been feeling for a while now. Maya couldn’t really put a name to it. In the pit of her stomach was this persistent dread, an instinct telling her something was wrong, but she had no idea what to do about it. Was it just nerves over the Agon? Graduation maybe? She couldn’t tell, which was troubling. Maya liked to think she was pretty intune with herself and intuition, it’s part of why she’d signed up for the Agon in the first place, but this feeling was something she couldn’t puzzle out. So it looked like cocktails for now would have to suffice.

Moving through the crowd, Maya waved to friends, danced a little, and made the rounds. Things had begun livening up once the fireworks went off, and Maya couldn’t help admiring some of the more creative handiwork playing across the sky in colorful sparks. It really was a beautiful night, though outside of Cal on the dance floor earlier, she’d yet to run into any of her closer friends. Set to rectify that, Maya continued through the crowd until she spotted a colorful 90’s print shirt that was too loud to miss. “There you guys are, you look so cute!” Maya cheered as she came up and hugged Reagan and Ali from behind, careful not to spill their drinks. Ali usually hated these kinds of events, so she was thrilled to see him here now. “Ali you’ve got to try the smoothie stand, they’ve got these frozen rum mixers with every kind of fruit you can think of, and they’re delicious.” Maya gushed, knowing her friend’s refined palate was probably their best bet for loosening up to the atmosphere.