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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2812907

located in Cascadia College, Washington State, a part of ad infinitum, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cascadia College, Washington State

A small, prestigious college, located in Washington State. Previously, it only accepted students with strange and mysterious gifts, but ten years ago, it opened its doors to all.


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Beauregard Taliesin
Necromancer | Outfitx|xhex: ##414c82
xxxThere is a house in New Orleans
xxxThey call the Rising Sun
xxxAnd it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
xxxAnd God I know I'm one
The past few weeks had been the epitome of miserable to say the very least, as Beau had gone back home to see her family for the holidays. Home. Such an odd word used in that sort of context for her since she started attending Cascadia, which had since long become her home in the past four years. Going back to that old and empty building that she was forced to call home was something she never looked forward to if she was being honest. While sure her siblings were fine enough for her to deal with, especially her older twin sister Hidie and Lizzy, and her oldest brother Thomas who had always come by for the holidays and birthdays, it was the rest of her siblings and her parents that made things a living hell for her. When at home, she had to pretend like she was like all the rest, a prestigious and self righteous assholes that she was forced to call family. Sure, they were blood but by the end of the day, she had nothing in common with any of them, as well as Beau had always been looked over and talked over and ignored, just like always. Even with it having been her birthday that they were all celebrating this time. Things were just always the same to her, never getting better.

Of course, much to her dismay, her parents constantly asked her how her classes were going and even went as far to ask Beauregard to demonstrate her powers in summoning a spirit at one of their dinner parties to show how well her schooling was going at the school. Thankfully, before anything could really be done or an even bigger fit could be started, her older sister Elizabeth had started up a conversation about how she had started her own business in the past few months and how things were taking off without a hitch. Her own weird way of trying to change the subject and move things off her sister’s shoulders. It was only in times like this where she was glad to be spoken over and ignored, her studies and progress at Cascadia were anything but lackluster and she really didn’t want to try and prove that the money they were using for her to be at the academy was being used for nothing. Maybe having a telepath as a sister really was a benefit to her. But it didn’t matter, soon enough her parents would find out that she was almost entirely flunking out of her arcane classes and was strictly making it by in Cascadia due to her diligence and dedication to the basic classes she was taking. Sometimes taking human classes was worth it.

Time couldn’t have passed by sooner for her as it was time to head back to the academy and Beau couldn’t have been happier. Getting on one of the earliest buses back to Washington the moment the chance had arisen and Beau was gone out of New Orleans like a bat out of hell. Going back to the academy meant she had her classes to focus on, as well as being back to the place she considered home, as well as being with her friends again was a welcoming sight for her. Arriving two days before classes would start up again after the holiday wasn’t much a surprise for her, nor was it uncommon for a few students to be back early, even with what happened on the school grounds a few weeks prior. Beau knew things were weird in Cascadia, obviously, but murder? That wasn’t a normal thing to happen here. Sure, people would occasionally go missing or be pranked and hazed, just like any school, but murder? That even made her skin crawl, for more than a few reasons. What bothered her more than what would concern others, was that when people died on the school grounds, they’d stay there. Just like any other place. But with her specific abilities, Beau tended to see the ghosts and spirits more often than others did, it was almost like she was a walking magnet and they seemed to gravitate towards her. Even during classes and exams, or even when she was in the library to study or simply read in her spare time, she could hear the voices of the undead. Even the medication she had been given wasn’t working to help with the sleep at least, which she knew it wouldn’t work.

At least she had her work to go back to and preoccupy herself with, so things weren’ so bad. Not until she had heard word of a party that some students were working on, and she knew full well what was to come when Hatch came running up to her with that damned smile of her’s. Beau had insisted on not going, it just didn’t sit right with her, especially now after a student had just been murdered, sure she didn’t know the person, but it still felt wrong. But she knew it was an attempt at helping people move on and forget and get passed the death of someone people knew. However shotty of an attempt it was. But in the end, of course Hatch got her way, as she always did, and ended up agreeing to go to the damned party. Only under one condition, Beau got to leave when she wanted to, she really didn’t want to have to carry Hatch’s drunken ass back to her room yet again. Even if Beau was also drunk half the time, but not as much as her friend ended up being, her anxiety had a good way of keeping her sober when she had to bring someone back to their dorm after a party.

This one wasn’t going to be any different Beau figured. She’d show up, entertain her friend(s) for a few hours at most, have a few drinks, make an absolute dumbass of herself as always and end up calling it a night early. Almost became routine for her at this point. Beau had woken up a bit later than she planned, jumped into the shower and got dressed for the party as her roommate had already left for the party or wherever they went off too. Beau didn’t really care much if she was being honest, she got ready faster by herself anyway. Tossing together a random outfit and shoes, and tying her hair into a small bun and she was ready to go. She didn’t really care much for how she looked, with just the slightest bit of makeup (bare minimum) and she was ready to go. Grabbing her phone and earbuds as she listened to some random 80’s rock music as she shuffled her way down to Hatch’s place where the so called party was being held.

Thankfully, the walk wasn’t very far and she made it within a few minutes, at least forty minutes late, which was a new record for her. Usually she was later than this, but people could deal. Not like her presence would be very missed if she didn’t show up. She was easily missible in a crowd, all she’d get the next day would be Hatch bitching at her for ditching last minute. Which, she could deal with, she always had, and always would. Beau let herself into Hatch’s place and immediately stopped as she saw just how many students had already been there and it was far more than she was expecting. Beau made a straight b-line for a familiar face that she saw across the room, weaving in between groups of students that were dancing to the music and drinking whatever type of alcoholic cocktail they may have been indulging in. Beau almost fell straight into the other woman as she pushed herself passed a few meathead jocks as she made her way to the target. “Well holy shit, Hatch. Think enough people showed up to this?” Beau said with her usual sarcastic tone as she leaned against the counter top for a moment. Scanning the room for a moment before she looked back over at her friend, “I hope you know I was actually considering to just ditch this party, so you should be happy I even decided to grace you with my presence that I knew you’d so obviously miss.” Beau said with a small smirk, before turning to fetch herself a drink. “So, what kind of fascinating things happened for you over the holiday? I’m sure it was so very thrilling. Can’t say the same for me though...You know how it is.” she retorted as she sipped her drink, eyeing the crowds of people in the room. She didn’t belong here, she never belonged in crowds. It was only a certain amount of time before she made a fool of herself or did something stupid, and she was slowly growing more nervous as time went on.