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Season of Giving 2020

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located in Cascadia College, Washington State, a part of ad infinitum, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cascadia College, Washington State

A small, prestigious college, located in Washington State. Previously, it only accepted students with strange and mysterious gifts, but ten years ago, it opened its doors to all.


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Arcane ║ Outfit ║ Hex: #C24E00

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Winter break wasn’t anything special for Isabella. She was doing fine at Cascadia, making connections with other families, keeping her studies on track, as well as enjoying herself, though the second wasn’t that hard when she could spend an evening using her arcane magic on books instead of actually studying like some of the other students. Being home would be a nice break from the college life and a reminder of who she was and her goals.

At the Vayne Estate, Bella spent some time with her family, fortunately three of the four Vayne children were able to come home for break at the same time, so their parents could show them off all at once, which included a large gala. Her parents had planned it when they received Isabella’s schedule and communicated with their other children, and sent out the invitations to most of the well known Arcane talented families in the Northern Hemisphere, while traveling would be required for some, it was still a Vayne celebration. Isabella usually didn’t care about who was invited, but after letting it slip to her parents about the type of character the youngest child of the Taliesin family was, her parents rescinded their invitation. They didn’t expect them to actually come, but it was more so sending a message. There was talk about the Cunningham family, but her father once again decided against inviting them, as he had done every other time they planned on throwing a ball. Their curse of female only gifted arcanes was too much of a risk to Vayne bloodline.

Bella enjoyed her time at home, talking about her studies and who she was able to connect to, but not much had really change in the first couple months compared to her first year, so when she got bored at home, Isabella was the first Vayne child to leave, though the other children quickly followed and returned to their normal lives, Isabella’s younger sister gifting her a few outfits made from her own arcane magic, ones that Bella would for sure be showing off.

Isabella took her time actually getting back to Cascadia, but was glad to be back, Cascadia was the first real step to prove herself to herself and to her family, and so far it was going great. Though she shared the same opinion as her family about mundanes being allowed entry, it was nice to have even more people know her name. Though she mostly ignored the gossip and rumors about another death on campus, it was another human so not worth Bella’s worry. What surprised her though as she was settling back into the groove, she heard rumors of a party being thrown. And usually she wouldn’t care, parties were common at a college, but what threw her off that it was being thrown by a well known, acquaintance of hers, Harmony Cunningham. Or mostly known around campus as Hatch.

Under the Vayne household, there was much preparation that went into getting ready for a party, but Isabella wasn’t one for those traditions at Cascadia, mostly just focusing on looking stunning, making herself known, and enjoying herself. Bella knew this party wouldn’t be Arcane only, so she sent messages around spreading word about the party Isabella Cecelia Vayne would be going to first after winter break, making sure Harmony would hear she would be coming. Also making sure Lisa would be there, one of the few non-arcane people she could tolerate, but actually enjoyed herself with.

When the hour of the party rolled closer, Isabella focused on making sure her hair was perfectly wavey and flowing over the collar of her dress, as well as her nails were shining; she relished in her natural beauty and rarely wore make-up. The dress Isabella was going to wear was from her sister, made from real ermine fur, as well as enchanted to draw a bit more eyes and put off a relaxing aroma. Bella stood in front of the mirror checking herself out and twirling a bit before throwing on her knee high boots, that would give her a couple more inches in height, and heading to Hatch’s shared flat for the festivities.

It didn’t take her long to arrive, but when she did, she was glad the party was already in effect. Growing up, she was taught to never arrive at a party earlier, harder to show off with less people in the vicinity then when the party was already started and more people were on site. Her boots made a loud clicking on stairs leading towards the door and people were already turning their heads towards Bella; partly because of her enchanted outfit, partly because of her look, and partly because of her name.

As she walked through the room, Isabella bumped into a familiar face, though one that she didn’t care too much about. Monet Grey. “Oh hey girl. Fancy seeing you out and about at a party like this. Very interesting sweater. And hat. I'd never thought of wearing something like that, especially together, good for you.” Bella gave a light smile under her lips and shrugged her shoulders. It wasn’t long until someone behind her caught her attention, a good distraction from her current conversation. “My little Lisa Chu. How are you?” She said, embracing the mundane. “Hope your break wasn’t as boring as mine. Family parties and a lot of talking, parents love showing me off.” Bella continued, rolling her eyes a bit.

Isabella perked a bit as Lisa mentioned a new trick. “Oh please share, and once you do, let show it off to the others. But what shall we be drinking together?”