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located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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the villain - 2d2a2f - outfit
xxi throw my head back, heart under attack
xxstraight through the chest like a thunderclap
xxyou can burn too bright, burn too bright to see
xxwith the lights out, a shadow of a doubt
Luc listened to Markus speak, sipping his drink the whole time. It was always interesting to see past people’s outer shells, to see the real them beneath. Sometimes, it showed a whole new side, other times, it explained everything. Somehow, Markus’ story just seemed to fit what he knew and what he expected. Markus having an interest in photography was a surprise, though, and Luc found himself raising an eyebrow. He took the bowl of food, nodding appreciatively. He hadn’t realised how hungry he was until he started to eat.

“Oh damn, culinary school, photography, and good with your hands? The full package,” he said, laughing. He shrugged as Markus asked him about himself. “Afraid that I’m not quite as accomplished. I didn’t even finish high school. Only reason I ended up anywhere decent was when I ran into my old social worker when I was seventeen. She managed to get me an internship with a local fashion designer. I don’t know how she managed to do it, because I was this angry homeless kid who was probably several people’s idea of a nightmare. But they gave me a shot and... well, the rest is history. The writing and photography started as a blog and as a sideline of making money, and it took off. So, hey, if you ever do want to go professional with the photography, I know people,” he said, grinning at him.

“So for the fun stuff... I used to draw. Portraits, mostly, but i’m probably a bit rusty now. Taught myself to cook, nearly burned the apartment down several times, but I got there eventually. Still haven’t cracked baking yet. And... well, this might be scandalous, but...” He dropped his voice to a stage whisper. “I’m not a natural blonde.” He drained his glass and put his empty bowl aside.

“That was really good. Someone’s gonna be really lucky to have you some day,” he said with a wink. He watched Markus for a minute or two. “Refill?” He asked, holding up the bottle as he poured himself another glass. “So... you don’t have to answer this but... you keep saying I’m not your type. Am I not your type, as in you prefer brunettes? Or not your... type,” he said, raising an eyebrow.