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Markus Vasco
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Markus simply shook his head with a muttered chuckle at Lucian's comment, figured he'd go somewhere like that. "It's just a side gig, nothing more." he said with a shrug. He didn't picture his simple hobby of photography becoming anything special or professionally ran. It was just something he did, as for cooking, he had no real other choice if he wanted to be able to look after himself. As for the last comment, he ignored it entirely and simply just listened as Lucian answered his question, which he was genuinely shocked by. Listening to him explain that Lucian wasn't as accomplished as Markus was did make him a little sad, as he didn't see it as anything special. He just put the time and energy into it otherwise he would have let his problems and anger get to him. He probably wouldn't even have been the same if he didn't choose to spend it somewhere else.

A small smile creased his lips as Lucian offered that if he ever wanted his photography to step into professional territory, he'd be able to make it happen. It was tempting, if he was being honest, but he just wasn't very certain of what he wanted to do. Markus put the empty dishes into the sink and filled up his glass once more as Lucian had offered a refill, and he listened to what Lucian had to say. A small chuckle came from him at the comment of almost burning down his apartment. He could picture it if he was being honest, and it made him genuinely smile. Which, was all too short lived as Lucian had asked something that had genuinely made him freeze. Not the comment of the food he made, Markus was happy that even basic food was good enough, but the part of someone being lucky enough to have him one day, and then his actual question about his hair and if that was why Markus didn't like him. At least a dozen different questions raced his mind as he thought for an answer, not just a sarcastic, snide remark. But an actual answer.

Markus sighed slightly as he brushed his hand through his hair before taking a sip of his drink as he looked down, "Well..To be completely honest?" he said with raised eyebrows, preparing him for what he was going to say next. "After my last relationship ended after a pretty toxic three years, I uh...Tended to not dwell on relationships. They just made things...Complicated." he said with a sigh, resting his hands against the counter. "You fall for someone, they become a liability that can be used against you, and I wouldn't put anyone in that kind of position. Besides...I don't think someone like me, a no-body, would reflect well on Mr. BigShot over here." he said as he vaguely gestured towards Lucian. "Plus, brunnettes aren't exactly my type, if I were to be honest. Your hair looks fine as is, Lucian." he said with a small smile before walking over to the couch, and grabbed Lucian's computer and placed it onto his lap, "Anyway, where do we start first?"