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located in Barden, VA, a part of the wicked game, one of the many universes on RPG.

Barden, VA

A city of heroes and villains that is tired of both.


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xxx Causing our own

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Adrian was starting to get annoyed at the moment, taking a step back and pacing around the others are they continued to talk, well more so argue. He had his hands over his mask and going through his hair when Malfyre produced a hard drive, talking about her and Red Witch finding something. He was glad, it could possibly lead to making their lives easier as more information on their adversaries meant better. But when she crushed it saying it was too dangerous for any of them to see he just tilted his head in a confused fashion. I’m confused Jena spoke to Adrian, though Adrian didn’t respond, just paying attention to Malfyre as she continued to speak.

When Malfyre revealed what their enemies had on them, then Adrian started to get worried. Not entirely because their enemies had files on them as Gemini didn’t have much to hide, besides being two souls trapped within one body, but because he had a feeling the villains wouldn’t take too nicely to one of the heroes having information on them. A little glimmer of hope came up when Malfyre went back to the computer, though that was quickly dispersed when Aboleth spoke up, questioning about the files. This isn’t good, is it? Adrian just shook his head, about to step in again and attempt to calm down Aboleth.

Paladin spoke up first, trying to reassure Aboleth about Malfyre and an argument quickly coming forth, getting a bit heated between words. The female villain was making some valid points, but none of them had the answers they wanted at the moment, especially about hypotheticals coming up. But then Aboleth her tone from bringing up good points to insults. It wasn’t long until the insults, and hopefully it wouldn’t lead to that. Adrian took a step forward to speak, but the other villain spoke up this time, discussing what he and Paladin did with the information.

The arguing back and forth was starting to annoy Adrian. They didn’t have time for this, and the only thing that this would lead to would be more conflict. “Enough!” He said loudly, stepping forward, between the main people arguing. Gemini formed a small amount of water and flicked it at the main people arguing, Paladin, Aboleth, Icarus, and knowing Malfyre, a little bit at her before anything else was said. It wasn’t anything that would soak them, but just a little mist to get their attention and get them to calm down or check themselves, sort of like a spray bottle for cats and dogs. “We get it, this information isn’t just something to have laying about. And I’ll be honest, I would be cautious if Red Witch or any other villain had information on me and my partner. But that’s an issue for another time, we don’t have time for all of you to be arguing like little god damn children.” He looked around the room, pausing at the villains. “Icarus, Aboleth. I promise we will discuss this later, but our attention needs to be on Red Witch and letting Malfyre. Afterwards, we can decide on this information Malfyre has.

Adrian was breathing mostly through his nostrils and was relieved when Artemis also spoke up, mostly echoing what was being said by everyone, but as well as staying neutral. “Exactly. Now as Art said, let’s just be civil for five fucking minutes, or I might have to bring someone else out to turn up the heat.” Gemini finished, referencing having Jena come out. He let a out a deep breath as she turned around and back towards the edge of the room. “As Artemis said. Any other suggestions or ideas? Think it might be good to call it a day now, maybe even do a little recon around the areas while Malfyre works. But that’s just me.” I forgot how sexy you get when you get mad. Jena said with a giggle. “Shut up…” Adrian whispered under his breath as he leaned against a wall and waited.