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located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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xxi throw my head back, heart under attack
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xxyou can burn too bright, burn too bright to see
xxwith the lights out, a shadow of a doubt
Markus' reaction to the mention of gaydar made Luc laugh, breaking up the last of the tension that lingered. He just shrugged as Markus explained. "Dude, that's totally fine. You do you, and that's what matters, 'kay?" He said with a smile. He didn't believe in judging anyone for what they did or didn't do. God knows, that would be pretty hypocritical of him. There were much, much better things you could choose to judge somebody about than what they did or didn't do with their own damn body.

He nodded as they began discussing the plan again. "Formal event, so we can be masked up and undercover. I'm thinking we also keep our real names off the list and come up with decent alibis for ourselves, and spread them around in advance. Get your friends to cover for you. There's no way in hell you could be at that event because you were... at your best friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin's wedding. Ideally something a little more believable than that, but you know what I mean."

He nodded again as Markus mentioned an escape route. He pulled up a map of the venue. "Okay so, we've gotten the ballroom and these few rooms booked off for storage. I've inquired about rooms for our little private VIP reception and the ones we were offered were... here, here, and here. So looking at them, I think this one might be the easiest to escape out of because we've got a service passageway here that we can probably escape out of, as well as a fire escape here. So we can get out pretty easily, and it's secluded enough that any... disturbances should go unnoticed." He sighed, running his hand through his hair. "If... if something does go south, if anything happens to me that it looks like I'm not getting out of, you should continue with your plan of just getting the fuck out of there. This isn't time for heroics. We need to just get out. If anything bad happens to one of us, the other should get the hell out. Don't involve the cops, no matter what. If one of us gets out alive, we might still be able to make a difference."

That was the way the villains always worked. Don't be stupid, don't get yourself killed, as long as you yourself made it out, that was all that mattered. Get the job done.