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Snippet #2814060

located in Olympia, a part of Gods and Monsters: Olympus Has Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Abby Rae Jarvis Character Portrait: Wesley Tate Character Portrait: Maya Torres Character Portrait: Cadence Perry Character Portrait: Ali Hughes Character Portrait: Lux Slade Character Portrait: Sebastian Rhodes Character Portrait: Reagan Devereux
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Maya Torres // Child of Apollo// Special // Location: Legacy Academy

“Thanks!” Maya chirped, not the least bit perturbed by Ali’s laugh. She had very nice coconuts thanks, and she was happy to show them off a bit. She took Ali’s offered hand easily, giggling as he spun her for a quick twirl that left her grass over skirt whooshing about.

“Ooooh I’m always down for some ogling.” Maya agreed easily. There wasn’t anyone special she had her eye on at the moment, but she was happy to flirt about and drag her friends along for the fun. Ali in particular needed some appreciative attention. And some distance from a certain son of Aphrodite. Maya got along fine with Seb for the most part (though she certainly didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to her sister), but she knew who he was. Ali deserved to be treated like a treasure, and Seb was never going to be that guy.

So mission in mind, Maya took Ali’s offered arm and forged ahead into the dancing throng. At some point a disco ball had appeared, and the playlist began cycling through a distinctly retro mix. Maya didn’t mind, whipping out a few cheesy disco moves as their little group found an open pocket of space to claim for themselves. She spotted a few appreciative stares thrown their way, Reagan in particular looking gorgeous as she always did. There was one boy (A Zeus kid?) who was definitely looking at Ali though, and she noted to follow up on that one later.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

She was dancing to the chorus line of the Bee Gee’s classic when the telltale pickling sensation behind her eyes started, and Maya’s heart jumped into her throat. Now?! Why the hell was she having one now?! “Ali-!” That was the only warning she got out before any feeling of normal consciousness fled.

Instead of a crowded makeshift dance floor, Maya was in a narrow stone corridor. It was dimly lit and oddly enough, she could still hear the music echoing eerily off the walls. Disoriented, Maya felt her way across the cold stone wall toward the open door that was her only source of light. An iron tang tinged the air, and Maya pulled her hands back when they touched something slick. As she got closer to the light, the source of the stomach turning scent became obvious. Every surface in the room was painted with blood, as if some kind of macabre artist had worked with gore instead of oils. On the table however, was a marble bust of her father, remarkably clear but for the long train of blood coming from his eyes…

Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me
Somebody help me, yeah, I'm stayin' alive!

Maya snapped back to reality harshly, kneeling on the floor. “Air!” Maya begged weakly, still feeling too frail to pull herself to her feet.


Wesley Tate // Child of Hades// Brain // Location: Legacy Academy

Wes wasn’t used to being unready with words. He was a planner, he scrutinized the field, pinpointed weak points, and then pressed forth mercilessly until his objective was achieved. Other people's feelings or opinions about it didn’t really matter outside ensuring their cooperation. With Lux though that...instinct failed him. He worried about what he said, how she'd react to it. Would she get angry? Would it make her feel better? Would he just make things worse? It almost annoyed him that he cared about something so trivial, but it mattered to him.

“Of course I worry about you. We’re teammates. Nothing is more pressing than watching out for each other right now.” Wes said tightly, dragging his eyes away from their adversary and back to Lux. Her body language was defensive, clearly uncomfortable. He needed something about that. For the team. Maintain morale and...yes, that. It was his duty as their leader.

As the music shifted to the next song, this one a slower classic from the 80’s, Wes glanced at the dance floor, and then back at Lux. He extended out a hand in offer, trying not to look as awkward as he felt. The offer was spur of the moment, the ramifications not even remotely thought out, but the urge to dance with Lux was instant and strong, and for once Wes let himself not think about it too closely. “Do me the honor of this dance?


Abby Jarvis // Child of Ares// Brawn // Location: Legacy Academy

“Well you are the expert on bitchiness, so I suppose you’d know.” Abby threw back casually, their constant jabs too routine to really be offended. Honestly, she’d been expecting something a little more creative, but it was easy to tell Seb was distracted, his attention clearly split between them and something by the dance floor. A quick glance of her own, and Abby knew why, for once the two demigods in complete agreement with their distaste, if for entirely different reasons. Lux could do so much better than Wesley Tate. She was moral and good, and he was a cutthroat dick, and Abby could not for the life of her understand the attraction a blind person could see those two dancing around.

Lottie on the other hand was too busey blushing as her mind tried to wrap around the suggestion of actually getting to be in Seb’s room to process much else. Abby looked on with a bit of pity. No one was really immune to an Aphrodite kid when they chose to turn on the charm, but Abby liked to think a heavy dollop of loathing might keep the manifestation of any forced attraction firmly violent. Mostly, the child of Ares was surprised and reluctantly relieved Rhodes had been so gentle in his handling there. Lottie was a sweet kid with a school girl crush, and they both knew he wasn’t capable of giving Lottie what she wanted from him.

”Does that mean your costume’s young Hefner or European gigolo? They’re both so tacky, it’s hard to choose.” Abby smirked. They didn’t have to pretend to get along until tomorrow. Best to get some things worked out of the system now.