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eden thomas
slytherin | #ff9b81 | metamorphmagus
xxxpassing every face you see the first time
xxxsinging every piece as you walk by
xxxproving that with all of my mistakes
xxxthat we are not the same
The adjustment to Hogwarts' early starts never came easy to Eden. Usually, he was lucky if he was fully awake by the time his first class began. But the excitement of a Quidditch match later had Eden feeling a little more energetic than usual. He had to make it through a morning full of classes first, but Slytherin-Gryffindor matches were among the most intense and the most exciting, and the thought of that alone was probably going to be enough to keep him awake.

He shook his head, his mouth full of food, as Jessie asked if he'd seen Cas, leaning in to the contact as she wrapped her arm around him. He watched as the paper airplane took off. "Come to think of it, the whole Hufflepuff table looks a little empty this morning," he remarked. In reality, it looked just as full as the others, but the few that he tended to notice were missing.

"Oh girl, you know I'm ready to kick some Lion ass," he retorted, seconding her glance towards Cassie. "Oh, there's the badger stragglers," he remarked as they entered the hall. It felt good to be back at Hogwarts. Being back with his family was always nice, especially now his mom was making a little more of an effort, but god, he missed the people of Hogwarts. There was always just so much life, always something happening, always some new gossip.

"So. I heard there's going to be a Valentine's Ball as part of this tournament. So come on, spill, babe, who are you thinking of asking?" He asked, spinning to face her properly on the bench. "Anyone... particular in mind?" He added. "Like a certain Gryffindor?" He asked, dropping his voice low enough that only she'd be able to hear him, and instinctively leaning away as he braced for her reaction.