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located in Hogwarts, a part of Hogwarts: A Dark New Age, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome home, Witches and Wizards.


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Shane Montgomery
Gryffindor | Animagus | x|x #802e45

Shane was one of the few students to stay back at Hogwarts when everyone else went back to their families for Christmas break. With not much of a family life outside of Hogwarts, or even in the school grounds, he didn't have much of a reason to leave for the holiday. Family matters were a messy situation that he didn't feel like getting involved in, and hadn't looked back to going back home during breaks ever since his third year. Not like his family wanted him back anyway. He was seen as nothing but trouble, and kept to himself when he did go home, locking himself in his room and just staying to himself. Less trouble for others, and less of a pain in the ass for him having to deal with people.

McGonagall was one of the few people that understood Shane's reason for staying, and gladly accommodated him each time, making sure he had everything he'd need and left him to his own devices, but always left her office door open to him if he ever needed anything. Which, was few and far between, but he did come to her with more questions, which sadly she didn't know anything that was of any help. His birth parents were an enigma to everyone, even her. Shane wasn't looking forward to when the others would return, he liked the quiet and peace he had in the castle, and the dorm rooms. But, it wouldn't last long, and on que as always, two weeks later everyone was back, and things were going as smoothly as he knew they would in the following weeks since then.

Waking up again at early hours wasn't something he struggled with, if anything it kept him in routine and in pattern. It helped him at least know a few things about his life and who he was, and that's all that mattered. He was wide awake in the common-room about two hours earlier than everyone else, reading a book by the fireplace before the first toll of the morning bells signaled it was time for breakfast. He finished putting his book down on the side table by the time a familiar voice called out to him as she poked him in the side. Cassie Lightborn. One of the Gryffindor Quidditch team members, part Veela, and one hell of an annoying presence that was a constant thorn in his side. But, he couldn't deny that she had her charm about her, and she was one of the least annoying people he knew, even if she did tend to bother him. With a heavy sigh, he rolled his eyes at her comment, "I wasn't going to, but you might have just ruined it, Red." he called out. Shaking his head for a moment before he too began to make his way to the Great Hall for some food before classes started.

Shane entered the Great Hall a few short minutes later, and felt all eyes go on him for just a fraction of a second before people went back to whatever they were doing if it wasn't filling their faces with food or spreading gossip. He made his way down the aisle to his seat at the Gryffindor side as he heard one of the Slytherin's heckle the Gryffindor team, as they had a game later that day. Without even making eye-contact or any indication to acknowledge the person, he brushed passed the girl in question, pushing her into the table slightly as he silently walked past. "The fuck is your problem, mate?" Jessie called out as she had spilled some water all over her from being pushed into by Shane. Who simply gave a small shrug of his shoulders as he continued to walk down to his spot and take a seat, which was far away from the others. He looked back up across the way to make the briefest of eye-contact with the Slytherin Seeker, and gave a silent wink before turning back around, eating his breakfast.