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located in Hogwarts, a part of Hogwarts: A Dark New Age, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome home, Witches and Wizards.


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Ryou Seong-Min
Ravenclaw • Normal • #EE82EE
An early morning, as the light slowly began to filter within the room of a blue Dormitory. However, a light already had illuminated a small desk, with several books open and cast about. While none of said books were cast aside with uncaring intentions, they had been placed often on top one another as to conserve what little space there was. Set by the window, a candle brought what little light possible to the table, as a the seventh year muggle Seong-Min kept to her studies. Sitting in the windowsill was what appeared to be a solar powered battery charger, which connected to another device, which connected to the headphones over her ears, nothing like some music to go with the reading and cramming of six years of knowledge. Stopping her pen, Seong-Min glanced up to the rising sunlight, the horizon looked so pretty, despite the stresses that came with this task. It had been two weeks already, yet, it felt like months of planning, let alone convincing her two mothers to allow their precious daughter to come to the other side of the world to attend a school of Magic. Something thought to be of simple fiction between the three.

However, the memories kept coming, first was the application process, people came what felt like from nowhere, delivering letters to allow for Seong-Min to attend as a transfer student. Neither her mothers knew of this school known as 'Hogwarts' nor anything of the country of Scotland. Furthermore the notion that apparently Seong-Min has the blood of the ancient dragon of mythology. It was as much of a rush as it was confusing, who would've thought, that her Birth Mother was of some ancient relation to the dragon. Then came a simple interview, and overview of what she would be doing. Since they discovered her blood as late as they did, there had to be a lot of cram classes to get the young girl to speed. Spending six months learning the lessons that would normally take six years to learn was a trial, but, by whatever Dragon god favoured Seong-Min, she learned most of what was necessary. Though the spells were a utter failure, she proved to pick up material quickly, and while she was no master of any of these lessons, it was enough to get her to where she is, though, she did need a bit of help just getting here...

Flying from her home first to Scotland was hard enough, though not as bad thanks to her Mother pulling a few strings to allow for her beloved daughter to fly first class. Next came reaching the platform of nine-and-three-quarters. The looks of confusion and remarks were a plenty to the young woman, who stumbled through a crowded platform in confusion and dismay. It wasn't until she ran into a helpful student that she found the station, through a magic wall of sorts. Walking through the wall perplexed her, as that sense of adventure and wonder soon sparked to life. Just wandering the platform was enough excitement for her years. Then came the train ride, compared to what she was more akin to, was dreadfully slow. Sitting by herself in the train, most of what she did was message her old friends, telling them of the landscape of Scotland, and giving her farewells, along with play a few games, and watched a couple of episodes of her favourite show. Almost as a farewell to whatever life she previously had, as she knew little of what would happen at this school of 'Witchcraft and Wizardry' that she was to attend. That anxiety sank in hard during the train ride, as the worry of what kind of mayhem would follow her.

Arriving at the castle that was a school only concerned Seong-Min more, as the thought of 'I transferred to the wrong school' soon echoed into her mind, though it was far too late to back out now. Entering this castle was a trip, then came the welcoming feast. While she recognized most the foods, there were so many people there, ranging from what she presumed to be children to people her age. Sitting in a crowded table, she was the only outsider it seemed, everyone knew of one another, and here was Seong-Min, in the middle of a free-for-all of chatter and food. Being alone in this was hard for the girl, she always had her friends back home, but now, she was with nobody, a fresh start, something she had no idea how to go about, yet, it was something she very well could've used.

The next two weeks blurred by without much problem, outside of her sleep habits being derailed. Yet, her studies were cut off, as a white cat had lain itself on her books, staring up at the Brown-eyed dragon. Makki was her family pet that joined her rather by force, as both she and the cat were near inseparable, at least she had a reminder of home, and how things were. It caused her mind to wander, of what her parents were doing now, as the sun began to rise in Scotland, it would be afternoon in her home, likely her Mother would be in a meeting, with her Birth Mother still likely giving a lecture at the high school that Seong-Min attended. As her mind drifted, attention was brought back to the cat, as a paw reached out and pat her chin, a light laugh came from Seong-Min, who began to pet her beloved cat, as the other students began to rouse by this time. Standing up, a large stretch came from Seong-Min, whom already was in uniform, minus her shoes and cloak. Realizing she wasn't able to sleep, after some time she just changed while in the cover of darkness. Packing up her pens, and books, the young woman was just ready for the day.

Walking down the stairs, and soon out the Dorm Hall, Seong-Min made her way to the Great Hall, leaving her cat behind, just for the moment. Entering the great hall, it was relatively quiet still, as she was one of the first to wake, outside of Kiara, whom always beat her to the great hall, despite she was one of Seong-Min's roommates. Gathering a decent meal, Seong-Min could hear the two other classes bickering of the game that was later today. Quidditch it was called, at least as far as Seong-Min knew. While she knew of the game, she knew not any of the mechanics nor the scoring or anything of the game really. All she had of it was it's name, which she never could pronounce right anyway. As she glanced over the room, Seong-Min wished to at least sit with someone she knew a bit, or at least as well as one could with only two weeks of being around them. That led her to walk to Kiara, standing across the table from her, and speaking gently,

"Um... Kiara?" A pause was in place, as she hoped not to interrupt anything, "Would you mind if I sat with you?" Speaking English was still a struggle for Seong-Min, being that she seldom used it in her home of Korea. But, she tried her damnedest to make her words as clear as can be.