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located in Barden, VA, a part of the wicked game, one of the many universes on RPG.

Barden, VA

A city of heroes and villains that is tired of both.


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Character Portrait: Cerys Day Character Portrait: Atticus Hawkins Character Portrait: Kieran Valanetti Character Portrait: Piper Young Character Portrait: Jena Wainwright//Adrian Robles Character Portrait: Aaron Langdan Character Portrait: Luciana Morrison Character Portrait: Dhani Batra
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do not show weakness. as far as anyone knows,
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzyou are emotionless.
Piper knew that there was no way the heroes understood her stance on this. They outnumbered herself and Atticus, and several of them had bonds strengthened by years of working together. All Piper had was a flimsy relationship with her friend’s roommate. They only even trusted each other out of necessity, if she were being honest. They’d never worked together, and wouldn’t even know one another if not for Lucy. Piper would have his back here out of principal, but she wasn’t sure she could trust him to do the same. She simply didn’t know him well enough to trust that he would. That was the nature of the beast, wasn’t it? The heroes formed close bonds, friendships, and had fierce allies. What did villains get? A life in the shadows, professional contacts, and usually nothing more. Piper figured it was because of the higher burnout rate of “villainy.”

She appreciated Atticus taking her side, though she knew it was likely as much about his own privacy as anything else. When Gemini spritzed water at the group, Piper shot a glare in his direction. She understood that he wanted to keep things civil, but was that really necessary? She rolled her eyes when Malfyre complained about the mask getting wet. It seemed impractical to have a mask that couldn’t withstand the elements, but it wasn’t any of her business. It surprised her when the other heroes spoke up, seeming to understand their point of view. It made sense, really; if they were supposed to be some kind of team, they all needed to cooperate and quell each other’s fears. It was time to treat this like a business meeting instead of a high school cat fight, apparently. “I can let the files go for now, so long as it is addressed after we have Red Witch back.” Piper didn’t care if they were already destroyed by then. Apparently they all needed to have a talk about each other’s comfort levels and how soon they should disclose any sensitive findings.

Gemini suggested that they call it a day, and honestly Piper thought that might be for the best. Maybe she could take Att to lunch, see if she couldn’t get him to settle down a little. This whole situation was proving difficult for both of their nerves, and while she didn’t know him exceptionally well, she figured they could both use a friend.

Then Malfyre started talking. Piper figured that they’d never learned when to keep their mouth shut. Malfyre started to apologize for their whole attitude, and Piper was willing to relent and accept the apology: this didn’t affect them all the same way, so Piper was willing to let it go and forget about it. Then they decided to emphasize the fact that they didn’t owe any of them anything, and Piper resolved to remember that if Malfyre ever needed her help. Piper may not seem like much, but if there was one thing she was good at, it was being petty and spiteful.

“I appreciate the help. But you have to understand that Red Witch isn’t just some villain to me, she’s my friend. This is personal, and not just because we’re all in danger too.”

The line about going back to being the “the heroes and villains you all so desire to be,” really rubbed Piper the wrong way. As if she’d wanted to grow up so poor she’d had to use her powers just to have enough to eat. That was it, wasn’t it? The rest of them had enough of a choice that they didn’t see that some of them didn’t have much of one. Piper knew that most of the people in the room wouldn’t ever view her as anything but someone who used her powers to lie and steal. It shouldn't have bothered her, especially since she was pretty sure Malfyre was just lashing out because they were making the job more difficult than it “needed” to be. Piper didn’t know Malfyre well, but people weren’t very hard to read.

Piper wanted to tell Malfyre that if they didn’t want to help, then they shouldn’t bother. Instead she settled on a terse, but genuine, “Thank you.” Regardless of how they all felt about each other, at least Malfyre was helping. Piper decided to remember that, too.

She figured that Atticus would want to get to work on scouting out locations right away. “I don’t expect it, but if anyone’s willing to put in the work to help scout out locations, Icarus and I would both appreciate it.” Normally, Piper wouldn’t speak for Atticus, but she wanted to be a united front on this issue. He said he was never wrong about his visions, and she believed him.

you know as well as i do that it has to be done,
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzand somebody's got to do it.
Dhani had really wanted to get this situation under control, but like always, he didn’t have the nerve to actually stand up to the confrontation. He handled hero work just fine, but personal confrontation? That was scary. He was happy enough when Adrian stepped in (though he wasn’t sure what he did to deserve being sprayed with water), he was just all-around a better leader than Dhani could hope to be.

Dhani’s perspective on Kieran having the files wasn’t going to help anyone. He trusted that she wouldn’t do anything with them, but he figured he’d already expressed as much. Aboleth seemed willing to let it go, at least for the time, so Dhani was hopeful that things would calm down. At least on an interpersonal level.

He couldn’t tell if Kieran was trying to make things better or not with her words, but he hoped that Att and Aboleth wouldn’t take it too personally. He didn’t like the idea of the lot of them being in danger, and he wondered to himself if they would stop at putting them in danger. Whoever these people were, they didn’t seem too concerned with morality or ethics. Dhani didn’t personally have much to hide, but he did have people he’d like to be kept safe.

Kieran seemed intent on being done with the whole group after they found Red Witch, and Dhani made a note to talk to her about it later, once she’d had a chance to calm down. He still needed to apologize for yelling at her the night before; that hadn’t been fair. As it was, Kieran had something set up to send them real-time updates of her progress, which he hoped would do something to ease Atticus and Aboleth’s minds.

Dhani had to admit, he was tired. He was tired of how often all of this erupted into infighting, he was tired of not feeling safe anywhere, even in his own home. He was ready for this thing to be over and done with, one way or another.

As Kieran left, he shot a look at Aaron. One of them probably needed to check on Kieran. She could be a pain in the ass, but she was his friend.

Aboleth said that she’d appreciate help, and Dhani immediately nodded his head, “I’ll do whatever I can to help. We’re gonna find her.” He shot Atticus the most reassuring look he could manage with his mask. He wasn’t the type to give up easily, and he wasn’t afraid of a little danger. He probably should have been more afraid than he was, but he’d been through too much for this sort of thing to shake him too much.

It probably helped that he wasn’t overly attached to Red Witch.