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Snippet #2814690

located in Hogwarts, a part of Hogwarts: A Dark New Age, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome home, Witches and Wizards.


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Character Portrait: Jessie Carter Character Portrait: Eden Thomas Character Portrait: Castiella Monroe Character Portrait: McKenna James Character Portrait: Alexis Halliwell Character Portrait: Shane Montgomery Character Portrait: Kai Embrey Character Portrait: Cassie Lightborn Character Portrait: Elise Duchamp Character Portrait: Ronan Malcolm
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Jessie Carter
| Slytherin | Parseltonguex| #026e4f |

Jessie chuckled as Eden confirmed that he was ready to kick some Gryffindor ass later, which she was looking forward to greatly. She felt the corners of her lips curl into a grin as Cassie called back with her own quip, "We'll see, if you decide to show up on the pitch that is!" Jessie retorted. Looking back at Eden, as he shifted his position on the bench so he could look at her properly. She tilted her head quizically for a moment as he brought up the Valentine's Dance they were going to be hosting for the Tournament this year. She rolled her eyes as an exasperated sigh escaped her lips, which quickly turned into a clenched jaw and furrowed eyebrows at her friend's next comment. Quickly getting a good right hook in his arm as he tried to get away, "I honestly don't know what you're talking about. I don't have any date in mind, nor do I plan on going, honestly." she retorted under an equally hushed voice as she shot him a heated glare for a moment. "Besides, if I had anyone in mind, why the hell would it be Gryffindor? They're all a bunch of stupid and pret-uh...Pretentious assholes that I have no interest in whatsoever." she recovered quickly. Brilliant save, Jessie. Truly. Barely being able to catch herself as her mind scrambled to find the right words.

"And for that, I hope you get taken out by a Bludger later toda-" Jessie was cut off mid-sentence as she was suddenly pushed forwards into the table by someone passing behind her. Causing her to lose her grip on her cup and spill water all over herself. The young Slytherin shot her head over her shoulder to see Shane quickly stomping his way down the aisle between the tables, "The fuck is your problem, mate?" she shouted at him, only receiving a small shrug of his shoulders in a response. Tossing her hand up quickly for a moment to give him a quick middle finger, before turning back around.

"Scratch that, I want him to get taken out by a Bludger." she mumbled back to Eden, grabbing something to help dry her off. "I honestly don't know what I did to piss that jackoff off so badly, but at this point I don't even care. i just want it to stop." Jessie muttered. Her eyes scanned the room to see Shane sitting down at his table, returning his smirk with her own thousand mile glare. Maybe if she stared at him long enough he'd combust. One could wish anyway, god knows how many people would pay to see that happen.

"Well, now that my morning has been officially ruined, I really am glad we get a game today. I need something to hit." Jessie grumbled. There were very few people that genuinely pissed her off in this school, and even fewer people that she enjoyed being in their company of. And sometimes, even those people couldn't help out way the countless assholes that resided in each house. "How much trouble do you think someone would get in if...I don't know...Somehow Shane's hair were to somehow turn purple? Or even green? I know he hates green. Especially...bright green? Like Slytherin Quidditch uniform green." she questioned Eden, "Hypothetically speaking, of course?" the young Slytherin gave her friend a small wink and smile before going back to finish the last few bites of her food before classes started, seeing how they had Potions first meant things were going to be tense right off the bat, which was just wonderful and exactly what she needed with how her day was going so far. If things were going like this so early on, hell knows what the rest of the day held in store for her. And she was not in the mood for any of it.

Castiella Monroe
| Hufflepuff | Werewolf x|x#a82b02 |

Cas shot Elise a short look as the half Veela told her not to worry about it, or that she can take the heat next time they got in trouble, thanks to her Veela charm, getting away with things happened to be easy. Well, easier anyway. While Cas did appreciate the perks it came with, they knew they couldn't abuse that so much, that and they needed to step up in matters of being a Prefect. "I think it's best we don't uh...Abuse that as often anymore...I don't think we can get away with it all the time, El. But I do appreciate it." Cas said with a small chuckle. Giving her a playful wink, as well as returning the heart-shape gesture to Elise before turning their attention to the tables across the room, seeing a bit of a commotion going on between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Their jaw clenched slightly as they tried to notice what was going on.

Cas arched an eyebrow as they somewhat heard Elise's question, taking a moment to try to piece together it fully. "Oh uh, I'm actually not sure yet. I know it's part of the Tournament and everything but, I may pass it up. But, we could always go as a group, like you said. But don't let me stop you from all finding dates, ya know? I want you all to be able to enjoy yourselves." they said with a smile, before looking back over as they heard voices shouting off in the same direction as before. A small growl erupted from their throat, which sounded more like an annoyed groan as they could feel their blood coarse through their veins, a small burst of anger crept through them easier than it would otherwise, seeing as the fullmoon was tonight, which would explain why they slept in so late again. "Excuse me for a moment, ladies...I'll be right back. Just give me a second to deal with something." Cas flashed them a quick smile before standing up, and began to make their way across the room towards the commotion between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Just being able to make out that it was Shane clearly bothering Jessie and her friends. Of course he did, why wouldn't he? He was always being a royal tool, and Cas wasn't sure if it was them being a werewolf that made them prone to annoyance, or just Shane existing at all.

The Hufflepuff took a deep breath, as they formed a tightened fist by their side as they sauntered over to the long haired, male Gryffindor. "I'm just gonna say this once...And once only..." dragging their black painted nails across the table to the cup in front of Shane, holding it with their hand, and took a sip. Water. Perfect. Cas flashed him a small grin before swiftly dumping it onto his head. Water spilling all over him. "You fuck with my Snakes again, or anyone else for that matter, and we'll have issues. Do you fucking understand that?" they questioned. Shane simply shook his head as he attempted to dry himself off.

"I don't know what you're problem is...But how about you fuck off-", Shane started as he turned towards Cas. Who simply only grabbed him by his shirt, and pushed him into the table. "I don't give a single flying fuck what you have to say. But you pull something off like this again, I will bring it to the Professors, and I really don't think it would look good on you for that. Now would it?" Cas mused. Shane clenched his jaw as he looked up at the Hufflepuff, "No...No it wouldn't." he replied dryly. Cas returned a wry smile, "Good. Now sit the fuck down and leave them alone." Cas said as they released his shirt from their grasp as they stepped back, finally looking around to see that dozens of students and even some teachers had stopped and been watching the entire encounter unfold.

Castiella straightened out their clothes, "What?" they said with arms raised, as if encouraging anyone else to try something. The other students simply shook their heads and went back to their business, not getting involved. "Good..." Cas huffed, shoving their hands back into their pockets as they made their way back to the table, casting a quick glance up at the few teachers that were in the Great Hall eating breakfast as well. Ronan, the Quidditch coach for Slytherin shot them a small wink and nod of approval before going back to her food. As Castiella made their way back, they noticed several origami otters fluttering around the Hufflepuff table, taking a quick glance at Mac, they stuck out their tongue and flashed her a wink. Sitting back down next to Lex, Cas let out an exasperated sigh, "Sorry about that...I smelt some bullshit and just...ya know...Did what I do best." Cas gave a small wink to their friends.

"But in other news, as for the Tournament. I so put my name in. Even if I'm not chosen, it's worth to put my name in, seeing how it's my last year and all. Figured why not. Might as well try." they shrugged, turning to grab at least some food while they still could. Mainly just some bread, two apples, while also dropping a few cookies into their pockets for later. Truly was a miracle how their robes were always kept clean and not stained with food by now.

"But, what I was thinking is...For those that are picked by the Goblet, we should maybe all hold bets to see who lasts the longest before they tap out. See who cries first, ya know, the usual that we've heard rumors about from other people." Cas said with a small chuckle and grin before going back to eat some more food before classes started. But their mind was busily focused on the fact it was going to be a full moon that night, they'd need to figure out some way of getting out of the castle again, they were slowly running out of viable options and excuses, and they weren't one to reuse answers. God forbid someone catch onto it and figure things out before they had a chance to explain for themselves, yet again.