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located in Cascadia College, Washington State, a part of ad infinitum, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cascadia College, Washington State

A small, prestigious college, located in Washington State. Previously, it only accepted students with strange and mysterious gifts, but ten years ago, it opened its doors to all.


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Isabella giggled to herself watching Lisa’s reaction and response to her bringing up the recent death on campus. She knew the girl’s major and assumed an event like this would peak her interest. “Cascadia is a college from a time long ago, you never know with places like this.” She quickly spoke in between listening to her current drinking companion and sipping the wine. Though she wasn’t expecting Lisa to ask to ask her if she knew anything about it. Obviously Bella wasn’t here when the death happened, so she wouldn’t be suspected, but she knew it wasn’t a question of Lisa interrogating her as a suspect. But her question was more so if she knew anything about it.

“Well hun, you know I come from a legacy of people coming to Cascadia, Vayne isn’t a shy name around the halls...” Bella said, swirling the glass of wine in her hand. “How about this little one, I’ll do a little bit of family digging, and if I find anything, you’ll be the first I tell.” She said with a smirk. Once again, not expecting herself to actually follow through with telling a mundane about the secrets of Cascadia and her own family, but it was fun to play around. Isabella quickly slowly sipped the rest of her drink and set the glass down next to the sink. “Anyways little Lisa, you know I need to make more face around the party. Go enjoy yourself, and thank you for the wine and the words.” She gave the woman a smile before leaving the room.

Bella saw many other friends and acquaintances as she walked through the next room. As she scanned the room, her eyes landed on a group of friends from before the break that she also saw at her families recent gala. A wicked smile came across Isabella’s face as she began making her way over towards them, ready to indulge in some recent gossip, and maybe even hear a bit more of the recent tragedy that struck Cascadia. But as she passed by a group of people in a circle minding her own business, Isabella quickly felt a fluid splash against her face and over her outfit.

“What… the fuck….” Words slowly left Isabella’s lips as she looked down at her now drenched dress. While it would come off easily with a spell from one of her friends, right now it looked ruined and stained. Her head turned to see where the drink came from and her eyes settled on a man with a now empty cup. Isaac Fox. Isabella usually didn’t like people making mistakes as it was a small pet peeve of hers and she would normally have some words with said person, but since it was Isaac Fox out of all people, the man who took it upon himself to be on a Vayne’s good side, Isabella wasn’t going to have any of it. A few moments of silence passed before she reacted.

Isabella wasn’t sure if it was the look in her eyes, or someone’s gut feeling came into play, but as she stepped forward, someone stepped in front of her starting to hold her back. “Really? Going to throw a drink on me and just stand there?” She asked rhetorically trying to push past whoever was holding her back, quickly seeing it was Hatch. “Let me go right now Hatch, this sexist mundane pig needs to be taught a lesson.” She said out loud, glaring back at Isaac.