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located in Barden, VA, a part of the wicked game, one of the many universes on RPG.

Barden, VA

A city of heroes and villains that is tired of both.


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Character Portrait: Atticus Hawkins Character Portrait: Kieran Valanetti Character Portrait: Piper Young Character Portrait: Aaron Langdan Character Portrait: Dhani Batra
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Anti-Hero | Malfyrex|xOutfit & Mask | hex: #575772

They say I did something bad
But why's it feel so good?
Most fun I ever had
And I'd do it over and over and over again if I could
It just felt so good, good

Kieran was ready to leave the warehouse when she heard Aboleth speak up, surprising Kieran that she was now thanking her. After moments prior being angry and upset with her past comments. A small sigh escaped her lips as she bit the inside of her lip, "No need to thank me...If it were me out there...I'd want someone to do the same for me. We'll get her back, I promise." she instinctively smiled, even though in reality her face was entirely covered by the mask. But she could only hope the sincerity in her voice obvious enough. She wanted to get Red Witch back, even if she was a villain. Being captured and possibly threatened with death wasn't something Kieran would be able to live with. It was still a life being taken, and she wasn't going to stand by and let it happen. "We'll bring her home, I swear. Adios, amigos." she called out, with a wave of her hand and she was gone.

The moment Kieran made it home, she removed her mask and tossed it onto the couch as she made her way into the kitchen and began downing three glasses of water. She was never going to drink like that again. Having to deal with that entire meeting with a pounding headache, and feeling nausious during it had only made her feel worse. She was already stressed and pressed for time, the hangover didn't do her any favors. After waning out the
remainder of her headache, taking a few painkillers and eating some food, she felt better and was ready to get to work. She had a lot of work to get done, and she was regretting it immediately.

Thankfully, as it turned out, everything seemed a bit too easy for her to find and locate. It almost seemed far too simple, getting all the proper coordinates down and sent to the others in a record of eight hours. Even Kieran was impressed with herself, but she wasn't going to tell anyone that. She had an image to uphold after all. Once she managed to crack into everything, and had it all sent off to the others, she sat back in her chair. Eight hours of looking at coding, numbers, letters, and a bright screen in an otherwise darkened room had caused her eyes to burn and dry, but she ignored it as she didn't have time. Even going as far as to ignore the dozens of texts she had recieved from Aaron asking if she was okay after the meeting, noting she seemed off the entire time. She'd talk to him later, maybe.

Kieran rose to her feet and stretched, feeling every knot in her body, every ache and all the tension just unwind. Almost like a twisted plastic water bottle that had quickly untwisted itself snapping into place. A soft, high-pitched yawn escaped her lips as she stretched and made her way over to the kitchen of her small apartment. Opening the fridge as she searched for something to drink, and grabbed a pitcher of water and downed the whole thing in one go. Tossing the container in the sink as she made her way into her bedroom and finally changed out of her outfit and climbed into bed. She'd need some sleep before the mission the next day.


In what only felt like a few hours, which it may have been, she found herself waking up to the blaring horn of her alarm. Kieran grumbled, cursing under her breath as the alarm clock levitated in the arm before crumbling into multiple broken bits of plastic and electronic parts. "I fucking hate mornings.." she muttered as she slowly sat up. At least this time it wasn't a hangover, just a headache from lack of sleep. Seeing as it was only about mid-morning, she'd have more than enough time to get what she needed done. First taking a long and well deserved shower, ate some breakfast of well, a less than healthy serving of whatever it was that she could find in her apartment. Which was more or less knock-off brand poptarts and a juice box. She'd pick up some food on her way to the mission later.

Kieran walked over to a large wall in her home that was oddly blank compared to the rest which either had some pictures, signed posters, or vinyls in glass frames. Placing her hand against one of the panels, a soft blue-ish light scanned over her hand and a part of the wall opened up to a secret compartment, one of many that resided in Kieran's apartment. Something neither Dhani or Aaron were aware of, and she'd prefer to keep it that way. Kieran looked up at the new suit she had been saving for something, she just didn't know what. But seeing what today was, well, it was time to properly test out the new upgraded suit she had been slowly melding and piecing together over the past two years. It had some of the best body armor, consisting of kevlar patches to keep against the elements, explosions and minor slashing damage that other suits would render her useless to. It was heat resistant and even came in with some of the best tech she could get her hands on. Essentially, it was a suit she personally made and acquired legally and was rather proud of.

Kieran undressed from her pajamas and immediately began assembling the new uniform, putting it on layer by layer, as it would take some time. After making sure it was in fact as stretchable and intact as she desired, it was already time for her to get read to go see Icarus and meet up with him for the mission. She grabbed the reinforced katana off of the mantle that was above where the suit was, and strapped it to her back. It was more for intimidation/torture than actual use. But if she needed to get in close and go with a weapon, it made for a great blunt and swift weapon.

Making sure she had everything she'd need on her, she quickly left her apartment through one of the small exits she had built in her apartment, through the walls and out through a hidden door only she knew about that lead to a backalley. She walked over behind a small dumpster, and pulled it away from a wall, placing her hand on another pannel against a brick wall, which quickly faded its facade and revealed a small garage like base of opporations in one of the buildings behind the apartment complex. To say she had multiple hidden places for things around Barden, was putting it lightly. Grabbing onto a tarp, Kieran pulled it off to reveal a motorcyle and dusted it off. It had been a while since she got to take it for a spin.

After checking to make sure it was in proper order, she took off like a bullet and made her way down a few side-streets, going at a much higher speed than she should have been going. Looking up just in time to see a large semi-truck making its way across the street, "Shit..." Kieran mumbled, quickly acting and got off of the bike, while still holding on and pulled on the side of the handlebars with her left hand, as her right hand held onto the back and quickly squeezed herself and the bike under the middle of the truck and onto the otherside within seconds. Hearing the loud, blaring horn of the semi as the driver looked back at her. "Sorry, bud! I got places to be!" she shouted, as she got back onto her bike and quickly tore down another small alleyway before dissapearing out of sight. Kieran slowed her motorcycle down as she came up to a small foodtruck that was pulled off to the side. Making her way up to the window, she gave a small, silent wave to the old woman that was resting in the small compartment. "Can I get one steak Chimichanga and one chicken Chimichanga, please?" she said with her hands gesturing to the sign, the led lights of her mask indicating a small little happy face. The woman gave the masked hero a strange look for a moment, before nodding and quickly got to making the food before wrapping the food up and handing it to her in a small brown paper bag. "Thank you very much. Keep the change. Malfyre said as she dropped a 50$ bill on the truck and quickly left.

It only took about five or so more minutes for Kieran to arrive at the meeting place. Parking a bit off to the side and out of sight as she killed the motor. Resting in the shadows for a moment. Her eyes scanned the area for anyone in the general vacinty. And her eyes easily caught the form of a man in a suit, facing away from her. Icarus. Only one person would go around dressed in a god damn suit. She hopped off the bike, carrying the small bag in her hands as she made her way over to him. "Sorry I am late. I figured I'd grab some food on my way here as a way of being....two minutes late." she said awkwardly, handing Atticus the burrito shaped food item. "I don't know what you like exactly so, I just went with a safe bet. People usually like chicken so...I hope you do too?" she gestured with a small shrug of her own as she sat down against a small wall, pressing her back up against it.

Kieran took her own food from the bag and pushed her mask up a bit so she could take a few bites. Pausing for a minute mid-bite, she swallowed and put the food down in her lap as she looked up towards Atticus. "Hey uh...There's something I gotta say. So, let me just get it out of the way before you say anything, alright?" she asked, a genuine tone of sincerity in her voice. Which, may have been a bit surprising for Atticus. Kieran sighed softly for a moment before she began speaking again. "Look, I'm sorry, alright? About before. For a lot actually. We got off on the wrong foot, and I am truly sorry. I didn't mean to make it seem like I didn't care about getting her back before. And I'm sorry it didn't seem like I was taking it seriously." she sighed again, rubbing the back of her neck. "Truth is, I am worried about getting her back just as much as anyone else. I know she isn't my friend, but I meant what I said the other day. If it were me out there, I'd want someone to come look for me too...I just...if I pretend like I don't care, or just avoid how I'm really feeling, I can focus on the topic at hand and get it done. Sort of, taking my emotions out of the situation entirely, so it doesn't become personal and I don't get sloppy and make things worse." Kieran finally said.

"I don't expect you to believe me or take anything I say sincerely, and I don't expect you to forgive me. But I meant it, we'll get her back. And we will make the people that took her pay for it. But until then, we need to focus on getting her out of there, then we can work on revenge. So, I guess...I'm sorry for fucking everything up, at the Masquerade mission, to that meeting. Everything. I know we're not on the same side, but right now, we need to work together to get your friend back. And I will do my damndest to do so." Kieran took one last bite of the food before she crumbled it up and tossed it as she stood up, moving her mask back down over her mouth.

"So, Icarus. You ready to get Red Witch back, and kick some ass? But this time, make sure to not break my nose again, or I will in fact throw you into a wall and leave you stuck in there, got it?" she gave him a wink. Malfyre stretched one more time as she yawned, finally looking in the direction of the building. "I'm ready to kick these motherfucker's asses. You ready?" she gave a grin, even if it was hidden behind her mask.