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located in USA, a part of encounters, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Anastasia didn't move as Jisun reached out to grab her hand and instruct her on how to hold to chopstick. It was certainly unexpected and she felt that any sudden moves from her part would scare her off. She felt as the young woman's cold skin made contact with her own and, although it last for no more than a moment, it left a cool sensation on her skin.

She tried to pick up one of the fishcakes. The first try was unsuccessful and the piece plopped back down onto the plate immediately. Anastasia frowned and tried again. Her hold was wobbly but she managed to eat it. A soft mm left her lips as she tasted the combination of fried seafood and vegetables. She went for another dish; the process wasn't the smoothest, but she was a fast learner.

Her phone ring broke through her concentration and made her flinch, dropping a piece of cheongpomuk on the table. With a quickly apology, Anastasia picked up the piece with a napkin to clea up the small mess and reached for her phone. Reading the screen, she was Leo's name on it and a soft sigh left her lips. Right, I forgot to call him earlier.

"Excuse me, I have to answer this," she said, picking up the call. "Hi, Leo."

"Hi, flower. I've missed you."

She could hear a hint of sleepiness in his deep voice and remembered that they were no longer in the same time zone.

"I've missed you too," she replied, feeling her heart pound.

Normally, back at the Academy, she would miss Leo. Whenever he visited, he would take her out for the weekend. It was one of the few moments she had throughout the school year to get away from the Academy and, of course, she spend a lot of summers around him before and after the engagement. Here, it had only been two days, but there was so much more to think about and see that there had been barely any time for him in her thoughts. Here, he was something that held her back, one of the very things she was running away from.

"How are you liking New York? Did you arrive well?"

"It's wonderful here. How was your day?" Anastasia didn't know why but she felt awkward talking to Leo in front of Jisun. Maybe it was because she felt like Jisun would have a lot to say -well, would have a very strong, unspoken opinion- about it. "It's really late over there."

"It was a long and I didn't get back until late, but I wanted to talk to you, you never called me when you arrived," Anastasia heard him sigh, "I still can't believe we're finally able to be together and you move across the globe... Sorry, are you out? It's loud on your end."

"Yes, I'm having dinner at a restaurant."

"Alone?" She could hear him moving on the other end, his tone becoming a little more serious with the question. "Be careful, you know the city can be dangerous at night."

"No," Anastasia said after a moment, glancing up at Jisun. "There's another student living in my building. I didn't want to eat out alone so I invited her."

"Have you seen the Fates? I'm sure they can take you around, much better than a stranger."

"I did see them earlier today," She supposed there was no need to elaborate on their brief interaction or how little she wanted to see them in her future. "But don't worry about me."

"I kind of have to," he said with a laugh.

"I'm safe. I promise."

"Well, I'll let you finish dinner and I'll head off to bed. Call me tomorrow? We can video call."


"Love you, flower."

There was a moment of hesitation, the words caught at the back of her throat. Come on, Anastasia scolded herself. You say it all the time, it's not like you're telling your mom this... "Love you, too."

Hanging up, Anastasia was left looking at the phone screen for a moment. The calls between them were usually... different. Shaking off the odd feeling she was left with, Anastasia put her phone away and picked up the chopsticks, determined to continue normally with her night and learn how to use chopsticks better.

"This is all really delicious, by the way," Anastasia commented. "I would love to learn how to cook the meat, if you don't mind showing me. Maybe next time I can do it for us?"

The question slipped out before she even thought about it. Would there be a next time? Anastasia didn't know if, once university began, Jisun would want to see much of her at all.

Anastasia remembered the conversation they were having earlier about German, which the Fates had broken up. "You said something about German earlier," she said, "Are you fluent? I began studying it earlier this summer but I don't know much yet."