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eden thomas
slytherin | #ff9b81 | metamorphmagus
xxxpassing every face you see the first time
xxxsinging every piece as you walk by
xxxproving that with all of my mistakes
xxxthat we are not the same
Cassie’s reaction to their bad-mouthing made Eden laugh as he returned Raegan’s thumbs up. He pitied the staff members that were going to have to deal with them during the day as they all waited and just got more and more excited for the game, a thought that was further proven by Jessie continuing the bad mouthing.

He knew by Jessie’s reaction what was about to come and saw the punch coming but didn’t move out of her way quickly enough to avoid taking the right hook to the arm. It hurt like hell, but it just made him laugh. Her comments about the Gryffindors just made him teasingly raise an eyebrow and take a long drink out of his glass. Shane’s arrival and actions provided a welcome distraction though. Eden handed Jessie his napkin to help her dry off as well. “He’s just a dickhead, sweetheart.” His face lit up at the suggestion of revenge. “Oh… I don’t know. They’d have to get caught first, of course. But if they roped in a few others and just happened to know a metamorphmagus who could shift the blame… well, who’s to say?” He mused. The arrival of a certain redhead to the Gryffindor table made Eden’s grin widen. He nudged Jessie’s leg with his and tipped his head towards Shane and Cas. “Looks like Mama Cas is dealing with him for us. I bet we- er, whoever would hypothetically dye his hair green could rope them in to help.”

Eden didn’t have to look and see who it was that was leaning their head on his shoulder. He knew almost instinctively who it was by their gentle manner. He leaned his head against Ophelia’s momentarily to comfort her. “Shane was being a dickhead and Cas just dealt with him for us. And we’re discussing the Valentine’s Ball. Are you gonna be coming, Ophelia?” He asked.

Cassie arrived on the other side of Jessie, and Eden leaned forward to look at her. “Hey, Cassie, we’re talking the Valentine’s Day Ball. Are you going? Got anyone special in mind for a date?” He asked, keeping the look on his face innocent so he’d be less likely to have a bludger aimed directly for his face later.