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Be Gentle With Me

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Don't Break Me
Ethan couldn’t hear his heartbeat in his ears. He couldn’t feel each muscle tensing up on their own accord. He could feel the butterflies fighting one another in his stomach. He couldn’t feel the blood rushing to his head. For the first time in a long time, Ethan was truly relaxed in the presence of another. Not just another. Kairo. His beautiful music therapist. They were swimming around beneath a waterfall enjoying the moment as the seconds passed. Ethan would have given anything and everything to be able to live like this for a long time. To capture this moment in time and be able to relive it for the rest of his days was an unrealistic dream. He can only hope that this moment will revisit him in his dreams and remind him that life isn’t so bad. Unfortunately, like most good things in his life, this moment has come to an end.

The first raindrop was easy to ignore, but the second and third were well placed on his cheeks. The ari changed and the clouds were slowly rolling in. A storm was coming and the two of them didn’t need to be caught in it while in the middle of the woods. Kairo didn’t even need to tell Ethan that it was time to head back. He would prefer to be out of the rain. They made it back to the edge and climbed out. He pulled his shirt back on, but it didn’t help warm him up. It was cooler and being wet was making him shiver. The two of them started making their way back to the condo. Raindrops continued to drop one by one on his exposed body parts, but it was hard to tell the difference between the rain and the remnants of the river. The blue sky quickly morphed into shades of gray as the clouds darkened and took over, but the condo was in sights. They were so close, but close wasn’t enough. The rain began to pour and thunder shook the ground.

By the time the two were able to reach the doors of the building, they were drenched from head to toe. Ethan wrapped his arms tightly around himself, attempting to hold onto the little heat he had left. He trailed behind Kai as he led him up to the door. Once they were inside, more panic set in. Ethan didn’t have a second pair of clothes nor a towel. Any hopes of being able to get back home tonight died off as lightning lit up the sky. He wouldn’t ask for a ride home in this kind of weather. For a moment he stood in silence, looking to Kai who was equally wet and cold. ”I-I..I hate to ask...but I need a towel…” You are using all of his resources. Overstaying your welcome of a married man. Ethan knew his anxious thoughts couldn’t stay away for long. ”And uh..clothes...please..” This whole day has taken Ethan further out of his comfort zone than he had ever wanted to go, but he had no choice. Standing in the middle of the living room, dripping water all over the place was worse.

Once he was able to get the clothes and towel, he quickly disappeared into the bathroom that he was directed too. Ethan locked the door behind him and took a moment to catch his breath. He took his time drying off and getting changed. Ethan wouldn’t mind hiding out in the bathroom for the rest of the evening, but he was sure Kairo would fetch him so he tried to take his time.