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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in Araragi-cho, a part of Orchid Town, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Character Portrait: Akihiko Fujioka
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It had been a bit of a slow day at Vinyl Resting Place. Handful of music and book sales, but as usual most of the money came from the café of the shop. The smell of brewed tea and ground coffee filled the surprisingly spacious store while relaxing music played on the overhead speakers. Akihiko Fujioka sat at the checkout stand at the back of the store right next to the entrance to the café. A drawn out yawn escaped his lips as he finished up another game of Tetris I'm his phone before checking the time. Late already? Weird how slow days can still seem to slide on by fast. He pocketed his phone and got up with a stretch, popping a few parts of his spine in the process. Kiki, a pale white and pink raven, had been resting on the counter until moments ago before fluttering up onto Akihiko's left shoulder.

A few long steps got him to the entrance of the Café. Shiro, his youngest and newest hire, was casually sipping away on what looked like some iced coffee drizzled with as much caramel as he could get away with. A glance around showed about 5 of the stores regulars still seated. There was no particular age range when it came to V.R.P's customers. Most were either students or middle aged people looking for a place to relax. There was the odd few regulars that came specifically for Akihiko's coffee. Most claimed it was under priced for its quality, not that he cared since it really wasn't expensive. Sometimes all it took was the right atmosphere and a genuine smile to leave a customer happy. Good service and product didn't help either. Though Akihiko whouldnt confirm or deny that he woukd sell cheep crap coffee to rude customers or people causing trouble.

Three sharp knocks on the threshold got everyone's attention. "Sorry folks, I know everyone's comfy but it's about that time again." And like that, everyone went about packing up their things and shuffling their way out of the store. Shiro was about to start cleaning up when Akihiko waved him off. "I'll take care off all that and closing, you got your studies to get too anyway."

"You sure boss?" Akihiko gave the kid a dismissive wave and and shooed him out the front door with the rest of the customers. "You all have a good night now, stay safe out there."

After about twenty minutes of cleanup the store was finally all locked up. Another quiet day. That was a good thing though, he liked his job and business was going pretty great, not to mention he had a decent little house in a nice neighborhood. So way did he feel so restless lately? He glanced over to Kiki who had stayed on his shoulder through cleanup and closing. The bird had an almost knowing look on its avian features. Akihiko snorted almost indignantly. " oh no, there is no way I want to go back into doing that again. I would rather be caught dead then wearing that outfit again at my age. Besides, i have no reason to-"

That's when he heard the sonic boom. He flinched and looked upwards, Kiki squaking in surprise ss the two saw anstreak of purple energy rocket across the sky along with the obvious silloette of a Thoughtless. If his sense of direction was right, that was heading in the direction of the bar Sin Eater. The Thoughtless didn't even seem dead from his perspective. Akihiko nearly groaned. What kind of rookie would even try something like that in the air of all places? This was a mess in the making. He turned his head to look at Kiki to see if she could believe what he was seeing, only to be met again with that knowing look.

He clenched his fists and took in a deep breath before sighing in defeat. "Fine, we'll check it out and hope everything is okay. But this does NOT mean I want to get back into all this. I don't miss it and you can't prove anything." Kiki only looked more smug as she took off fly ing in the direction of the falling Thoughtless, Akihiko running close behind her.