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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2815667

located in Barden, VA, a part of the wicked game, one of the many universes on RPG.

Barden, VA

A city of heroes and villains that is tired of both.


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Character Portrait: Cerys Day Character Portrait: Atticus Hawkins Character Portrait: Kieran Valanetti Character Portrait: Dhani Batra
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atticus hawkins
hex: #88c878xxxxxoutfit: here
xxxwe are deaf
xxxwe are numb
xxxfree and young
xxxand we can feel none of it

Malfyre was late. They weren't that late, Atticus knew that much, but on a day like today, even only being a few minutes late was enough to set him on edge. But then he heard the approach of footsteps and turned to see someone in a familiar mask, albeit in a slightly different suit. He raised an eyebrow in surprise as she handed him the food, and grinned despite himself as he unwrapped it. "Chicken is great. Thank you," he said. He hadn't realised how hungry he was until the smell of food hit him. He continued eating as they started speaking, apologising for their behaviour and their attitude. He knew that he'd overreacted, but it was still nice to hear them take it seriously. He didn't need more flippant behaviour today; he probably would have reacted worse than he had the day before, and that could have seriously jeopardized their mission. So the sincerity was nice, if a little surprising.

"Thank you," he said as they finished. "And... I'm sorry for overreacting. But... the visions always stress me out, even if it's a total stranger. So seeing something like that happen to your best friend..." he trailed off, crumpling his wrapper into a ball. "And then to add to it, we already feel outnumbered. There's three villains, and five heroes. Six if we count Gemini as two people. So if anything happens to one of us, it puts us on our guard. At the end of the day, we've been fighting each other for so long, it's hard to completely forget that and forgive you guys. It's not an excuse, it's... an explanation."

He nodded as they asked if he was ready, cracking a grin as they warned him not to break their nose again. "Don't go jumping on me from any heights, and we should be just fine," he said. "Let's go kick some ass." He put a hand to his earpiece to activate it. "This is Icarus and Malfyre, we're in position and ready to move, entering from the north entrance. Is everyone else ready?"

cerys day
hex: #c7bbb4xxxxoutfit: here
xxxthey lose their minds for us
xxxand how it plays out
xxxbut now we’re in the ring
xxxand we’re coming for blood

Cerys returned Dhani's smile. It felt good to be working together. It had really been far too long. Considering that she'd seen so much of him growing up, she basically considered him another brother, and the least annoying of the bunch to boot. On a mission as dangerous and as risky as this, Cerys knew it was important to have someone you knew would always have your back, and she knew that they both knew that about the other. His compliment just widened her smile momentarily.

"Likewise. And... yeah. I know this is a dangerous one but... I think we can handle it." They moved to get in position, Cerys drawing her bow to have it ready at a moment's notice. She smirked as he asked if she thought Malfyre would be late. "Without a doubt. Have they ever been early to anything in their life?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "And leave your earpiece alone, Granddad, you're going to break it. They're the same as the ones we used the other night, they're going to work," she teased. Sure enough, Icarus' voice came through only a moment or two later confirming that he and Malfyre were in position and ready to go. "Unusually punctual for Malfyre," Cerys muttered, before speaking into her own mic. "This is Artemis and Paladin, we're also in position and ready to move, approaching from east entrance," she said.

She hadn't seen anybody entering or leaving the warehouse yet, which struck her as a little unusual. Then again, activity out of what appeared to be a fairly disused warehouse from the inside could have drawn other unwanted attention, so maybe it make sense. At the confirmation that the last team was ready, she looked over at Dhani. "Ready to get moving?" She asked.