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located in Hogwarts, a part of Hogwarts: A Dark New Age, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome home, Witches and Wizards.


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Ryou Seong-Min
Ravenclaw â€ĸ Normal â€ĸ #EE82EE
As the group across the hall carried on, the students in question had known eachother for what Seong-Min could guess for years, it showed in just their chatter amongst one another, as much of it as the Korean-born young woman could understand at least. While she was fluent in English, and able to hold her conversations with relative ease, it still had it's challenges, as she would translate everything spoken to her to her native tongue, and then she would translate it back out in the best way she could, which in situations of keeping up with people whom were fluent in the language made things a mess. Though her mind was drawn back to a familiar voice, Kiara had replied with a kind look, as Seong slowly began to take her seat at the bench across the table from Kiara's seat.

It was nice to have at least a semi-familiar face to fall back on and chat with. As Seong-Min sat, Kiara asked how she was this morning and if she was finding things okay. Seong-Min took a moment, as the past two weeks were hectic to start. First was the grand feast that everyone had attended, even while surrounded by people, she felt the most isolated, being the new kid on the block, she had no idea who anyone was, and was overwhelmed in the mess of people, yelling, laughing, and being generally merry after the holidays. Afterward, she was shown to the house quarters, and especially the dorms of Ravenclaw, the house that was given to her by some magic hat placed on her head during one of the meetings.

Gods she hated that hat. The dirty old rag that was called a hat was not pleasant in the slightest, especially when it started to speak and sing, when it reached into her mind, what felt was an intense argument took place, as Seong-Min was not too keen on the hat's Legilimency in any shape. Eventually, though, that damned speaking hat put her in Ravenclaw, citing her wit and ingenuity in the silent argument.

Snapping back to present day, Seong-Min looked at Kiara, whom was likely expecting an answer some time before the Seong-Min's mind flew back to another flashback, with a light smile, she replied gently, her voice coming much softer than the harsh voices of the Gryffindor and Slytherin rabble behind her,

"I am well, still getting used to the change in times from what I am used to, but that will come with time I would hope." As her words lingered, Seong-Min spoke again, to answer the later question, "As for finding things... The school grounds are far larger than I first expected, and I still am getting a bit lost, though the moving staircase does not help, but I am at least able to get to where I do believe my classes are..." Another pause, as Seong-Min took her cup for a moment, taking a sip of her tea, while it wasn't how Mr. Yeong made it, it was still refreshing, "How are things with you? Are you well? How are your studies?"