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located in The Chrysanthemum, a part of Weather Girls, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Chrysanthemum



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Character Portrait: Winter Matsuri Character Portrait: Elise von Hresvelg
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❝A second return, but what for? And for whom was I brought back?❞

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|| Azalea|| Nano.ripe ||

The ship was still as they waited for the song of the Nereids to run to it's completion. It was a nice peaceful moment, and Elise and Serenity, although fairly opposite to one another, were glad that at least the first part of the day was a success. The gentle rise and fall of the waves sliding against the side of the boat was almost rhythmic, as if the nereids singing through the conch rock had crafted the song to go perfectly with the ebb and flow. As Winter thanked them tears began to spill from her eyes. Elise remained quiet as Serenity pointed it out, and Winter did not even seem to realize she had been crying. Serenity walked carefully over so as to not imbalance the boat, and Elise attempted to shift out of the way when the sunny maiden pulled her in as well, a three person hug. Elise's face was stuck against Serenity's large bosom as the group hug lasted for a few seconds after the song's end.

"Shall we go then?" Elise pulled a silver coin out of her pocket and flipped it into the water to thank the nereids for the performance, as Poseidon advised them to. Bad things could happen to those that did not pay respects. "We still have a few tricks up our sleeve!" Serenity giggled, climbing her way back to the front to man the sails again. They returned to shore, with the wind at their backs, arriving with the ship as Poseidon gave them a few claps. "Welcome back, I hope you liked it! It's hard to make them agree to sing for travelers, but it's a hidden gem, isn't it?" Serenity finished bringing the boat to the docks then thanked Poseidon intensely. Ame gave Elise a little wave, she was suntanning spread-eagled on the dock. "See you tomorrow, Winter!" Ame called. "I'm excited to see you!" Serenity had gone to flirt with Aries, the ebony beauty, and Elise sighed. "We can relax a little, the next trip may be a little stressful for you, Winter."

Because the next location was not in the direction of the sun's arc, they needed to take a different method. Once Serenity returned, a grin on her face and a number pocketed into her coat, she smiled. "Well, Elise, are you ready to take us to the next surprise?" The black eagle frowned a little. It was thankful that she was so perceptive, and hopefully she was still able to think quickly as well. "Kore just informed me that our first choice is now available." She said with an easy lie. Serenity looked a little surprised for a moment. "Create the Ark again, and we can change plans to the original." They were supposed to go for a thrill ride in the sky, almost like a rollercoaster but much more intense, but the shaking in Winter's hands gave her a bad idea.

Serenity slowly nodded, then snapped her fingers, the Dawn Ark appearing before their eyes again, in sparkling glory. They climbed on and with the three of them on controls, began manning it again. "We are to approach the Sentinel Tower, Winter, so make sure to keep the wheel steered in that direction." Serenity hid a smile, glad to know Elise knew what she was doing. The trio chased after the sun as they flew the Dawn Ark in the sky, leaving Olympus to land atop the Sentinel Tower. "I will get us ready, Serenity, Winter, relax here for a little." Elise entered her old home and found Kore, giggling to herself as if she were watching the whole time. Elise filled her in and the Heir of Mercy smiled, happy to oblige.

Returning to the top floor where the Dawn Ark landed, Kore and Elise returned. "We are going to have a special kind of therapy today, involving the mist of memory and the fog of forgetfulness. Come with me." Kore lead them down the stairs to a chamber, hidden, at the very top of the Sentinel Tower. It was shrouded nearly entirely by the white mist, making the area feel far more spacious than it might be. "Here, we take those with stress, with doubts, with fears, and provide a sense of calm." Kore explained as they dressed in the white robes for the ceremony. "This is the Ceremony of Mercy, to soothe and heal, to provide calm and peace, to all who enter." She giggled. "To help make sure you're in perfect shape for the wedding, my dear!"