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Snippet #2815804

located in Bluffton, North Carolina, a part of 7 Years, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffton, North Carolina



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Character Portrait: Amelia Boudreaux Character Portrait: Casey Worthington Character Portrait: Ben Bordreaux-Hansen Character Portrait: Nas Amasio-Hansen
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Seven years away would never be enough to escape the anxiety brought about by an event hosted by Margaret Boudreaux, especially when one of the attendants happens to be her own flesh and blood. Her youngest daughter, at that. Amelia has been gone for what she innately knows was too long, but she has not forgotten the minutiae of readying herself for her mother's scrutiny, for her mother's audience's entertainment. It's a momentous time of the year, after all - for the company, at least. When the family hosts a party so close to the beginning of fall, it brings in potential clients for the fall or winter months; the more debonair and luxurious their event seems, the more likely they are to draw in the attention and money of likeminded clients who want to them to tailor their experiences.

Regardless of if this is all supposed to be about Ben.

"You're nervous," is rumbled behind her from the spacious bed of the master bedroom. Amelia did not have to glimpse the scene behind her to know that Nas turned to Dion, eyes glittering like obsidian as they soften for the boy each time he looks Dion's way, to stage-whisper to the toddler's ear, ""Mama's nervous." Her son's shrieked giggle at probably being tickled made Amelia's chest ache with affection, love expanding too big in the limited space that is her chest, so close to bursting to the very seams of her that she had to pause in her perusal of Nas' wardrobe, her ponytail swishing against her slightly exposed back.

"Of course, I am," she agreed easily, plucking out the shirt she'd honestly decided upon two minutes ago, but had hesitated simply because she hadn't wanted to fight Nas on his fashion choices. "Had it not been for myself and my brilliance - " Nas snorted. " - you would've managed to throw away a golden opportunity and now, I am making sure that you won't." Dion seemed to become fascinated with Nas' large shoes once more, tiny body slipping off the bed before Nas could snatch him from falling too quickly. The toddler crumpled to the floor like paper, making Nas' breath catch, but only seemed to stay there as he slipped his hands into Nas' sliders, grinning up at the older man with tiny teeth and dimples as he made a clomp-clomp sound with the shoes on the hard floors below.

"Golden opportunity?" Nas cursed himself for having to ask. Amelia paused then, the button up in one hand and a hat that sent a pang of remembrance through him. It must've been what the diminutive blonde had reached up on the tips of her toes for, even in her heels. She turned to him sharply, narrowed hazel eyes alight with determination.

"An opportunity to re-present yourself as a source of comfort, understanding, and healing for your estranged husband," she informed him primly and Nas let out a long sigh. Amelia frowned. "Don't make that face. Besides, you should be thanking me. By the time I'm done with you, you'll look too delicious for Benny not to want to come home. Maybe you might be trusted to administer some sexual healing, if you're real good."

"Lia!" He exclaimed and the blonde's eyes sparkled with mischief even as her son stared up at the volume of his voice in innocent bemusement. It still surprised him, at times, that the last person he would have thought would have the first child in their old friendship group would actually have the first child. Have the child, she did however, and though Amelia surprised him with how well she's taken to being a mother, she was still Amelia. And she seemed hard-pressed for anyone to forget that tidbit, especially as she waved off his concern.

"He's not paying me any attention and moreover, conversations like these go over his little mind," she said and when she turned to her son, it was difficult to recall the bewilderment he'd experienced when Ben first said that Amelia was pregnant, the wariness. It was so hard to recall his skepticism towards her maternal instincts when Amelia's entire face went soft, when fondness had her smile wider than he's ever seen it and her entire aura brighten so luminously it was difficult to believe she'd ever truly been happy when she looked quite like this. Amelia proceeded to coo at Dion and the boy's brown eyes were immediately drawn to her, his entire being beckoned by her voice as she spoke, "Isn't that right, bubba?" Nas watched fondly as pudgy arms reached for Amelia even as the toddler waddled over to her, one shoe apparently forgotten on the floor at some point.

Nas didn't know how to tell her that he doubted that there would be any sort of sexual, conversational, or well - any type of healing going down, no matter how much care she put into his attire. In truth, which had been the entire reason she'd set off to find him an outfit, Nas had considered not showing up. Sure, it would have been nice to see everyone after so long; Amelia had confirmed that mostly everyone was supposed to have been in town. Whether or not they showed up today was a completely different story, but he doubted they wouldn't come. Ben was the whole reason they were in town in the first place. Hell, seeing Ben would be nice - more than nice, it would be fucking fantastic. Compounded, however, with his trepidation of seeing a husband he was sure didn't want to see him was the hesitation to even see his in-laws. Diana had been a friend for years, especially in the time that Amelia had been gone, but as the only one he was sure welcomed him in to the family in the first place - he wasn't sure he had in him to contend with his husband's parents' displeasure.

Amelia, as always, had other plans. And once any child of the Boudreaux family made up their minds, only God himself was welcome to offer a second opinion.

"Amelia..." Nas tried anyway, though he knew it was futile. When Amelia threw the shirt at him, Nas sighed again, peeling the garment off his face in time to see Amelia scoop Dion up. She pressed a kiss into one apple-shaped cheek and the toddler giggled again, placing his own hands on her face with glee.

"It's already starting and you've already agreed to watch Dion with me," she reminded him. Amelia walked over to him and set the hat beside him before placing her hand over his bruised left shoulder, giving it a squeeze. Nas winced, only noting a moment too late that he wasn't supposed to. The pinched space between Lia's eyebrows made him wince again, even as the concern her eyes reached her voice, "Are you - ?"

"It's nothing," he stated quickly, rolling off her touch and sliding to his feet, towering over the now even more concerned blonde. Turning away from her, Nas made a show of lifting the hem of his shirt, but not exactly pulling it off. He'd done a good job of not walking around with shirts that didn't have at least short sleeves to hide the bruising and he had been good at shielding the small injury from her when she'd first come with a need for lodging. But he wasn't keen on sharing the sight of the blue-purple-mottled flesh nor how he'd received it, so he hoped Amelia would take the hint. The corner of his mouth twitching in an attempt at jesting, Nas added, "I hope you don't think you get to come back and boss me around the entire time." Amelia, still wary, grinned.

"How else am I gon' get y'all to get your heads outta your asses, sugar?" She shot back before hopping off, scooping her phone up from where she'd tossed it and heading towards the bedroom door, casually throwing over her shoulder as if she were the driver, "We live in five." Nas shook his head as she left and Amelia set to sending out two texts.

To: Benny Boo
im a goddess n im bringing you a meal in the form of your gorgeous husband.

appreciate me <3

To: Wifey <3
I MISS YOUR FACE!! are u here?