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Snippet #2815825

located in Bluffton, North Carolina, a part of 7 Years, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffton, North Carolina



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Character Portrait: Amelia Boudreaux Character Portrait: Casey Worthington Character Portrait: Ben Bordreaux-Hansen Character Portrait: Nas Amasio-Hansen
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The snap of Amelia's rubber band against the skin of her wrist made Nas' grip on the steering well tighten. Not that the blonde in question seemed to notice. Dion had fallen asleep as his mother prepared the large straw purse she was using a diaper bag for him, which made it easy for Nas to tuck the child into his car seat when he'd emerged from the bedroom. It had not taken him long to dress in the clothes Lia had set out for him, though he'd been hard-pressed to avoid putting on Ben's forgotten hat until his sister politely plopped it atop his head just as they closed the door.

"Who knows?" She'd opined thoughtlessly. "Seeing you in something that belongs to him might awaken some primal, possessive creature in 'em and before y'all know it, y'all are going at it on one of my mama's circle tables." Nas had choked out a variation of her name in genuine surprise, but Amelia had only smirked and winked at him lasciviously, refusing to allow Nas to take her bag from her as she carried Dion out to the car.

En route to her childhood home, however, and all of the blonde's exuberance from earlier seemed extinguished by a melancholy Nas had not seen coming. Amelia had read as unbothered when Nas had been tasked with retrieving her from the airport. She had seemed more focused on throwing herself at Nas with all of the excitement of her toddler, Nas having felt little Dion clinging to his ankles as tightly as his mother clung to his shoulders. It had been more affection than he'd allowed himself in a long time, welcome in the face of no true contact from Ben after having held his husband's hand when he'd been unconscious. She had not mentioned any trepidation nor nerves at the idea of seeing her family in the flesh for the first time in seven years, in having to introduce them to the son only he and Ben had known about. That fact still shocked Nas.

Diana and Amelia clashed, it was true. Nas remembered watching them while he had also been watching out for them; it had become his unspoken duty after he'd begun to date Ben - one he'd taken seriously. The girls were as different as day and night, but similar enough that it was impossible to not believe them twins. They had the same smile, though Diana's cheekbones were sharper like Ben's. They had the same commandeering presence, though Lia was clearly far less trustworthy considering how much she was less likely to stay out of the club. But there was love there; there had always been love there, with the way Lia had beamed to herself when Diana won an award even if she rolled her eyes in her sister's face, or in the way Diana served one hell of a comeback to a guy who'd disrespected Lia after she'd turned him down even after Lia had walked away. Out of everyone, even Casey and Ben, Diana still seemed like the one Lia would have wanted to tell of her pregnancy.

And yet, she hadn't.

To: Wifey <3
omw now, coming w/ nas

To: Benny Boo
Behave? we dont know her

"You know," Nas rumbled out, not particularly sure where he's going with the conversation, but knowing he needed to do something, especially with the way the skin of her wrist turned pink under her assault. Amelia stopped when she finally settled to text back whomever she was communicating with, but he knew she'd pick it up again if he didn't try to distract her. "It's okay to be a lil nervous." Amelia scoffed before giving him skeptical look.

"Is this you giving me a pep talk, babe?"

"Nah, that's all you, doll. Wouldn't even dream of crossing your territory," he assured her and was awarded a small laugh. The lines of Amelia's bared, sloping shoulders loosened. "Just sayin' it's been awhile. You're allowed to be nervous - seeing your family for the first time in a long time." Amelia's smile faltered as she rested her head back on the seat's back, glancing away from him out the passenger side window.

"Well, thank you for your permission, Mr. Hansen." Nas rolled his eyes as he concentrated on the road. When he and Ben had decided upon a home of their own, they hadn't wanted anything particularly big nor too close to his parents. It kept them thirty minutes away from his father, much closer to downtown where the cost was a touch more expensive than either of them had been particularly prepared for. But the hour long ride had been enough distance for Ben to not have to deal with his mother taking the time out of her day to come see him. The memory causes the corner of his mouth to lift, but before Nas could truly lose himself to thoughts of Ben, he heard Amelia speak up again. "Besides, I've been seeing my family every year since I left home - the ones who wanted to see me, that is." At that, despite the melancholy still lacing her gaze, her smile went soft and Nas was powerless to resist returning the look, despite his thoughts. He didn't think she was giving her twin enough credit.

"I think that you don't give them enough credit." He told her, ignoring the eye roll he received in response. "And I think you'll find that they might even surprise you. Especially since you come home bearing a gift." Amelia snorted at that, eyes flitting over to her still sleeping son who would probably awaken upon their arrival at the house. Amelia found herself just watching him for a moment, breath catching in her throat as Dion shifted in his sleep, little chest rising and falling beneath the checkered shirt she'd decided Nas needed to match for aesthetic purposes. After she had her fill, she peeked at Nas from beneath her lashes.

"We'll see," she said before grinning. "Don't tell me you're turning into the optimist now?" Nas laughed then.

"Not a chance. Your territory, remember?" Amelia giggled, putting the thought of texting Diana at the back of her mind. After all, she'd meant what she said: she had spoken and seen (and been seen) by the family that had wanted to see her. Her number had never changed. Diana knew that Ben had spoken to her. If she'd been over their last argument, she could have - no, would have - reached out. But she hadn't, which meant she had not wanted to see a hide nor hair of Amelia. Who was she to try to reach out now when they'd have no choice but to be in one another's presence anyway?