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Snippet #2815826

located in Bluffton, North Carolina, a part of 7 Years, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffton, North Carolina



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The Valedictorian // Attire // Location: The Boudreaux-Hansen Home // #2a5d9c

Casey mindlessly kept scrolling through random messages and cycling through different apps on her phone, occasionally taking small sips from the glass she held in her left hand, as she held her phone in her right. Barely even noticing the slight taste of metal that started to form in her mouth as she chewed on the inside of her cheek, trying to keep herself composed and not fall apart at the seems. Hell, she was even fighting off the urge to go out onto the back balcony and smoke for a few minutes to calm her nerves down. That was until yet again, an all too familiar voice sounded off from night next to her. Starting her out of her dazed stupor. It took her a moment to realize who she was looking at, her brows furrowed for a moment before she put the glass and her phone down on the counter, and practically tackled Ben into a tight hug. Which, admittedly lasted a bit too long for even her liking, "Holy shit, Ben!" she exclaimed with a small chuckle as she finally stepped away from him to get a proper look at him. "You look good, really." she gave a small smile, awkwardly fidgeting with her hands for a moment. "And oh please, it's just me. I'm...Nothing special." she forced with a small shrug. "You can say that again." Erin shot off from behind the bar. "Don't you have work to do?" Casey shot back. Erin gave a small shrug, "I can multitask." she gave Casey a small wink, before turning her attention to Ben. "Hey bud." she flashed him a smile and wink, turning her attention to a glass that she had already began to mindlessly make for Ben. It was a simple drink, one that he'd be able to not only enjoy, but not feel guilty about drinking either. It was a different combination of flavors, both sweet and sour, but more so sweet and light. With a slight aftertaste of a tang, but it was over-ridden by the contrast of the sugar that covered the rim of the glass. Erin slid the glass to Ben and went back to work. "There ya go, Blondie." she said as she turned to focus elsewhere.

Casey looked back from Erin for a moment, and then back to Ben. A small pit of guilt and regret was slowly starting to form in her stomach. The two of them had been so close, they remained in contact for as long as they did, him being one of the few others that Casey had bothered to truly stay in contact with. And, knowing the first time they got to meet up again in so long, was for this..? It made her stomach turn. She truly should have seen the signs, the change in Ben's behaviour. But she didn't. And she hated herself for it. Looking back at Ben, a small smile creased her lips for a moment before she spoke, "It's good to see you again, Ben. I'm just...I should have came back to see you all sooner. I'm sorry." her expression faltered for a moment before she heard a voice from the other side of her and looked up. A mixed expression overtook her solemn one for just a moment as her eyes landed on Nathan. She hadn't seen him in years, well, at least in person. Sure, she had seen his face in magazines, newspapers, plastered on billboards and buildings. And of course the occasional movie she went to go see. Which, weren't exactly terrible in her opinion, just not her cup of tea.

"Hey Nate." Casey said simply, giving him a small smile as she gave him an awkward side-hug for a moment, before stepping back. "You look good." she gave a small smirk, "Just shocked you actually showed up. You know, time schedule and everything. Can't be easy for you." what sounded like a cough came from back behind the bar as Erin locked eyes with Casey for just a moment, "You're one to talk." she rattled off. Casey rolled her eyes, "Okay, that sounded bad. I just...I didn't mean it like that." Casey stammered, feeling her face flush with embaressment. "Sure you didn't." Erin retorted, giving her a look with raised eyebrows. "Anyway uh..I'll be back in just a second....I need to uh, use the bathroom." Casey pushed her glass in Erin's direction, gave the two boys a small, awkward nod and quickly made off for the bathroom for a few minutes. Quickly coming back to the bar shortly after, tucking her phone away in her pocket as she leaned against the bar, looking at Erin. "You fucking say anything in the next few hours, I will personally kill you." she muttered. Erin shot her a quick glance, sliding her drink back across the counter-top. "You keep saying that, but I doubt your commitment....On a lot of things." she said cooly. Casey felt her face pale at least three shades lighter than it already was, reaching into her overcoat's pocket as she retrieved her phone.

To Lia:
Please hurry. >_<

Casey tucked her phone back into her pocket as she took another sip of he drink. Doing anything and everything she could to try to calm her nerves. She had already talked to half the group, all that was missing was Nas, Jeremiah, (who she could have wished to avoid at all costs tonight), Diana, Jenna, (who, Casey began to panic even to think about in that moment), and possibly her only hope for the night, Lia. Who she was beginning to doubt was actually going to come and help save the day.