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Snippet #2815921

located in Bluffton, North Carolina, a part of 7 Years, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffton, North Carolina



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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJeremiah Hawk
xxxxxxxxxThe Athlete - ED1005 - outfit

Jeremiah had used the old-fashioned knocker on the door. Either it was too loud inside, or they had a feeling it was him on the other side. For a moment Jer’s eyes glaced over, What do I do if Di answers…, would she even let me in? As he thought it, the hurricane in his stomach seemed to intensify, close to the feeling he had before big games. He cleared his throat, ready to suggest to just open the door as it couldn’t be locked. ”Well.., I guess we’re letting ourselves in.”
Jer opened the door and stepped back to let Jenna in first. As he stepped through the door, he was hit by a feeling of déjà vu. The house was still, simply put, too big. The walls were higher than in any other house he’d seen. The oaken finish of the staircase and the chandelier hanging high on the ceiling still took him by awe. It hadn’t changed anything, even from the first time he had entered this house. Ironically enough, the first time he had stepped through these doors had been to bring home Lia, instead of Diana. He hadn’t stepped in for more than two steps before Lia basically pushed him out again playfully.

The crowd inside of the house was sizeable to say the least. The people that were there for Ben could probably be counted on 2 hands with the thumbs cut off. One of the famous Bordreaux functions. Jer nervously looked around, not immediately seeing any of their friends. He was trying to spot Nate, the only one he had spoken to about a week ago. Them living in the same city basically meant they saw each other more than any of the others. Jer looked towards the bar when he heard a voice come up behind them.
”Wait, J-Jeremiah Hawk? Wassup, man? It's been…fuck, it's been a minute. How are you?” A wide grinning Nas came walking up to them. Jer wasn’t sure what it was, but the grin on Nas’ face was usually an indication he was up to no good. He just had one of those cheeky smiles that made him very likeable, even though he didn’t show it to everyone.

”Nas!” Jer was completely oblivious to the fact that the man’s attention was more focused on Jenna than himself. Like a true football player, he intercepted the bee line Nas was making towards her. He threw up his right hand to the height of his chest, ready for Nas to do the same, so their hands would meet in the middle. Not stopping, Jer put his left hand over Nas’ shoulder and pat him on the back, completing the bro-hug they had been using for years.
”It’s good to finally see you, man! I’ve been wanting to thank you in person forever for my moms house. It looks amazing…, like really amazing.”

Realising he was just a tad bit selfish, Jer finally let his friend go and stepped back, giving the same opportunities to Jenna. He found it hard to describe how relieved he was to see Nas here as well. Not only because he had truly missed hanging out with him, but also and maybe even more so, to have an additional buffer between Jer and the others. He knew they were all going to be there, or at least they all had said they’d come. They might not have been the most dependable bunch in the last few years, but he was sure all of them dropped whatever they had going on to come and support Ben. The sweat was forming on his forehead rapidly, and it wasn’t the heat. He took out a small piece of cloth from his pocket and dabbed his forehead.

He didn’t specifically look forward to seeing Casey, already feeling uncomfortable at the thought. But at least he understood the silent agreement the two had, to never talk about what happened between them. Either of them would be crazy to bring it up. It was one of those things you hoped you could forget. Not for the experience itself, but because you don’t want to admit to yourself how stupid and foolish you actually are.
At least Casey and Jer didn’t have to discuss any of that, at least not here and definitely not now. Unlike Diana… he thought to himself. They had to say something to each other. Not that he had any idea what exactly, but they had to say something. For the millionth time he wished he hadn’t waited. That he would have showed some bravery, instead of the undeniable cowardice he had shown. I really had to wait for Ben to almost die before coming back here.

Ben… What would he even say to Ben? They had never been extremely close, but Ben had always been there. Jer always had the feeling Ben was too smart for him. Jer’s head was up in the clouds, while Ben’s head was in a book. Thinking about things just way too much. Jer’s jaw had dropped when he heard the news. He wouldn’t readily admit it to anyone, but he had trouble understanding the state of mind bringing someone to suicide. Not that he was overly happy at all times, or never had really bad days, but the extremity. If nothing else, I couldn’t do it to my mom.

Almost waking up out of a trance, he suddenly realised Ben and Nas, and the fact they were still married. Speaking before thinking it just came out, not with bad intent, but he always had trouble keeping things in. He leaned into Nas, at least having the decency to keep it just between the three of them. ”So Nas?…How are you feeling right now? I mean…, this must be weird for you, no?”