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Snippet #2815934

located in Bluffton, North Carolina, a part of 7 Years, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffton, North Carolina



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The Valedictorian // Attire // Location: The Boudreaux-Hansen Home // #2a5d9c

As Casey remained sitting down at the bar, she had managed to catch Ben's eyes and gave him a feign smile, one she knew he would have been able to tell was fake and forced. She just needed to calm down. She was an adult, it was time to act like one. Keyword was act. Casey kept her eyes down at the bar, on her phone as she attempted to blend in and be overlooked by most people, and it seemed to work. Until she heard a few more familiar voices sound off from where she had been minutes prior next to Ben and Nate. Which, she decided to entirely ignore that situation, especially now. Seeing as both Nas and even god damn Jeremiah fucking Hawk. Of course. Why wouldn't he be one of the next few people to join the party. Casey felt her stomch tie itself in knots before she turned back around in her chair, ignoring the two guys talking, relieved she managed to remain being unseen by the others.

That and well, she managed to catch just the smallest of glimpses of Jenna. "Oh fuck me." she muttered, quickly taking her glass and finishing it off in one go. The burn was a temporary distraction from reality slowly beginning to cave in around Casey. Erin raised her eyebrow in question as she looked off in the direction of where Casey had last looked. "Oh holy shit, isn't that-" she was stopped as Casey slid the glass forcefully across the counter and bumped against Erin. "Shut the fuck up!" Casey hushed, panic clear in her voice as she averted her gaze in the direction that Erin was staring off in. "Damn, you really struck out, cuz. She looks hot as ever-" "If you don't shut the fuck up, I swear to all the gods I will kill you, Erin." Casey quickly retorted. Erin raised her hands defensively, "Alright, chill your tits, man. I was just messing with you. But, she does look really good. Should go and say hi. Ya know, like an adult. Not hiding over here like a fuckin' kid." Erin shot back.

Casey rolled her eyes, "Yeah, I will. Later. Just...Not now." she said with a deep exhale. Erin smirked, "Actually today or in the next twenty years?" Casey groaned at her cousin's comment. "Actually later just...Not now. Lots of people and...I don't wanna overdue it." she said calmly. "Sure, that's why. Totally not that you're too scared to go say hi to your ex that you, ya know. Fuckin' left like an idiot." Casey's eyebrows raised for a moment before knitting tightly together across her forehead as she glared at Erin. "Sorry, sorry. Won't bring it up again." Erin shrugged. "I think I'm gonna take a smoke break.." Casey muttered as she searched through her pockets idley. "Since when do you smoke?" Erin questioned, genuinely not knowing. "Last three years...Yeah, yeah. Call me a hypocrite. I know these things will kill me one day...Kinda the point at this rate." she muttered. Erin opened her mouth to say something, but Casey watched as her attention was brought back to the other end of the bar as yet again another familiar face finally showed up. Diana. Casey had wanted to avoid her just for a little bit longer, especially with Erin being around, and was thankful when her phone went off. Checking to see what it was, Casey raised her eyebrow at the message in question, and silently excused herself from the bar as Erin was distracted with Diana.

"Sure thing, love. Got ya covered. Oh hey, did you say hi to-" Erin stopped short as she turned to mention Casey, and saw the chair was empty. "Mother fucker..." she muttered before turning back around, "Just another person you'll have to catch up with later, I guess." Erin finished, before she finished making Diana's drink and slid the drink to Diana. "Hope it's to your liking, Princess." she gave Diana a playful wink before she started making someone else's drink, "As for your sister...Who the fuck knows in all honesty." she said with a small shrug.


Casey had managed to slip away without barely being bothered or interrupted by too many people as she bobbed and weaved through people as she made her way to the staircase and then the upper hallways until she came to the door that lead to Lia's old bedroom. They hadn't been here in years, it was weird. Almost like it was the old days again, but Casey couldn't focus on that. Not now. Casey knocked on the door as quietly as she could, "Lia, it's me." she called out softly so only Lia would be able to hear her, before she twisted the doorknob and stepped into the room without looking. Closing the door silently behind her. Casey took a deep breath before she slowly began to turn around, "Alright, what the fuck was with that cryptic message, Li-" Casey found herself stopping mid-sentence as her eyes landed on a sight she hadn't been expecting. Sure enough, Lia was there. But was so a very small, yet adorable child. It took her a moment to register what she was actually seeing. Casey licked her lips for a moment as she finished pondering her thoughts, trying to come up with something proper to say, before a small chuckle escaped her lips. Finally breaking her silence, "Well...That explains...a lot of things, actually." Casey chuckled as she gestured to the kid. Shaking her head as she stepped forwards, wrapping her arms around Lia tightly in a bear hug, "Oh god, I missed you so much." Casey said with a smile as the two shared the embrace for a moment, before she took a step backwards and looked back off to the side as the small child. "Well then, who's this little fella, huh?" she chuckled, looking back up at Lia, "You gonna explain, or do I have to make my guesses? Regardless, congrats but uh...I won't be taking the fall for this. I had nothing to do with it." she chuckled once again.