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located in Atlas City, a part of Hadean, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlas City

A city on the front line of innovation, science, industry, and heroism! A growing community, helping build a better future for everyone!


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Character Portrait: Alexander Dalton Character Portrait: Yue Bayushi Character Portrait: Sairyn Pendrake
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"Alright then... Here I come!" Alex's eyes ignited with cyan light as a barrier formed behind Yue in less then a second. The gestures and motions he normally did when forming or launching his barriers were mostly for show. It helped throw people off when he started making them even when restrained or not moving. He'd shown no movement to indicate that he had formed the wall, and Alex couldn't help himself from smirking confidently. Blue light exploded under his feet before he launched himself at Yue with his catapult method. Alex cocked his right fist back to deliver a powerful straight punch and knock her into the hardlight wall.

"We can start whenever you're ready," she chirped coyly from behind him. Yue had just vanished right as he was about to connect. The only indication that she'd moved at all was the faint electric charge in the air and the unsettled dust tracing a path underneath his arm to where she was standing, hands on hips, a few meters behind him. "No need to take it easy on me," she teased

Alex took a moment to look between Yue and the space she had been just a second ago. He saw her move fast enough to practically break the sound barrier back at the beach. Why did he think he was going to land that hit in the first place? Alex snorted, looking miffed at her comment for a moment.

”Alright, fair enough.” He faced her and snapped his fingers. A blooming dome of light spread out until both Alex and Yue were enclosed in a thirty foot space. ”Welcome to the Thunderdome Silver Fang.”

"Hmm," she remarked, as she rapped her gauntleted knuckles against the barrier. Her head tilted this way and that as she examined her new surroundings curiously. She paced slowly around the edge of the dome in careful, measured steps while running her hand along its surface and then turned towards Alex. Yue approached him casually, leaning to one side as if to peek behind him for a moment and then reached out gently to lay her palm on his sternum while looking up at his face.

With almost a strange calmness to him, Alex did nothing to stop Yue from placing her hand on him. In fact he seemed to be smirking. "Is this you actually about to hit me and test my claim, or an excuse to touch my chest?"

"She's judging how much force she needs to eject you from the bubble," quipped Sairyn, who had arrived at some point, sipping coffee on the steps. Some might say he was sitting rather close to the two super-strength combatants with his nose buried in a slate.

As if on cue, crimson flared around Yue like wildfire as she stepped into him. A near imperceptible spike of power travel up her leg, shot through her hips, and lanced down her arm as she closed her fist on his sternum at the very last moment.

Sairyn's comment caused Alex to tense his legs reflexively the moment Silver Fang hit. The impact nearly took him off his feet as he was launched back and his feet dug into the ground to slow himself down. Alex's eyes flared again as the space behind him quickly filled with layers of barriers that he slammed into press eagle. He gave a strained wheeze followed by a cough to get air back into his lungs.

Alex righted himself while rubbing his chest a bit before taking a ready stance again.
"Wow,I actually felt that one." His grin returned as the walls behind him became to dissipate, noticeable cracks visible where his hands had slammed against the main wall. Alex had dispersed the kinetic energy rather than just taking it and trying to catch himself.

The words were barely out of his mouth before Yue was on top of him again. Had he blinked, he might have missed her. Her palm slapped his gut, and she felt Alex react, probably entirely on instinct, though it was the last thing she expected a brute to do in this situation. He went slack and jumped a few inches from the ground as Yue lifted him off his feet and carried him into the barrier. Her foot crushed the concrete below them as she thrust her momentum into his chest and closed her fist the very second they impacted.

The blow rocked Alex's body, thundering through the dome as Silver Fang carried the two of them through shear momentum towards the barrier wall. From Sairyn's perspective, the dome rapidly thickened as Alex reinforced the walls before He and Yue made contact. Though that thought quickly vanished as Alex's body passed through the barriers like they weren't even there, and Silver Fang found her fist breaking through two layers of the reinforced hard light dome. Alex, however was still launched a considerable distance away. He groaned on the floor for a moment before getting up and brushing himself off.
Somehow, that same goofy grin was on still his face.

Yue pinged off the barrier and impacted the concrete hard enough to crack it and her aura splintered into crimson sparks as the wind was knocked from her lungs. Sairyn raised an eyebrow when she was still for a long moment, but she clambered to her feet with a grunt after she caught her breath.

"How'd that feel, Fang?" He asked, scrolling through some of the data on one of the slates that was orbiting him. He casually picked a fleck of debris from his coffee and took a sip.

"More surprised than anything: I wasn't expecting to bounce. Felt the second impact more than the first... and I'm getting a lot of feedback in my joints," she replied with a chuckle, brushing the dust out of her tabard and examining the suit for damage.

"That's because you're not hitting him hard enough to activate the shock channels. I'll see about adjusting the gel layer after I process all this data though," he explained, leaning back on his elbow and brushing the other slates out of his way to look at Alex's data.

"So, want me to show how I usually end fights like this?" Alex punched his fist into his palm again as a tan luster formed across his skin and his eyes flared a bit brighter. "Or should we go for round 2?" The gears in his head were already turning at this point. He had At least two or three countermeasures in mind outside of completely bubbling Silver Fang.

"You haven't taken me down yet... so it sounds like round two," she replied with a note of amusement.