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located in The Chrysanthemum, a part of Weather Girls, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Chrysanthemum



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❝I put my arms around myself and I'm unbreakable.❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#BDA0CB β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #F7B3DA】
|| Dear Winter || AJR ||

"Winter, are you up?" Nemia knocked lightly on the door. Winter was sitting by the window, staring out over the cliffs. "Yes, I'm up." Today was the big day, she rose, heading to the bathroom. Winter felt a fluttering in her chest. She was never nervous, so what was this? Winter didn't know. She sank into the bath, the warm water enveloping her. Winter didn't have much time to wash up, she had somewhere to be, after all. "No makeup today," she said as she opened the door to the bathroom, wearing the robe with her name embroidered in gold. "Alright," Nemia agreed. Winter sat down in the chair to get ready, glancing at the gift she ahd been given from Serenity and Elise. Made by Svarog, Winter had thought about using it, but had placed it down instead. Too much temptation, she thought.

Winter was fasting, she wasn't supposed to see anyone except for a servant on her way to the temple. She would meet Serenity and Elise at the wedding hall. "Ready?" Nemia asked, leading Winter to the carriage. She wore a hood over her face and looked down, the fluttering in her stomach and chest growing worse by the minute. "I feel like I can't breathe," Winter leaned her head back against the carriage, her eyes closed. Nemia reached over, placing a hand over Winter's. "It's going to be alright, you're just anxious." Winter nodded, swallowing hard. The temple was intimidating. Zed would be here as well, on the opposite side so that they could not see each other. Which servant had he taken with him? Probably Rex, his right hand.

"Winter Matsuri, you are here to be purified before you wed?" Winter nodded. "This way," the temple attendants were the servants of Michia, the Heir of Purity. Inside, Winter was doused with cold water and checked for blemishes. She then had oil dabbed on her body and finally, had to recite a prayer for purity. After that, she was brushed down with an olive branch and then allowed to redress. It was a strange process, but a requirement. Winter felt light headed, but she could not break her fast until the wedding. They headed to the wedding hall next, where Serenity and Elise were waiting. "How was it?" Serenity asked, looking as vibrant as ever. Elise had her arms crossed and was leaning against a wall. "It was a little strange," Winter admitted. They headed up to the bridal suite, where there was a team of makeup artists and hair stylists to help them get ready.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Serenity squealed, sitting down in a chair. "Knock, knock. Surprise," Mercedes arrived, dressed in her earthly clothes. "You came!" Winter smiled, "Of course I did. Oliver is here too," she entered the bridal suite, wearing a leather jacket and jeans. "Mercy, are you really planning on wearing that?" Serenity asked. Mercedes looked down at her clothing, "what's wrong with them?" She asked, frowning. "You look awful! You can't go to a wedding like that, good thing I predicted this and brought you a dress." Winter laughed, getting back into the chair after a quick hug. She was having her nails done, she would do her hair next, then be last for makeup so that she could have the freshest face. Nemia stood in the back, eating from the pastry cart, since there was nothing else for her to do.

"It's time for the dress," Winter clapped her hands together. Iris should have been here to zip her up, she should have been here to advise her, but she was dead. Winter unzipped the garment bag, it was the first time seeing her dress as a whole. It was off the shoulder, with puffy sleeves made of delicate lace. It had boning and a full skirt and train with lace and small diamonds sewn on. "It's beautiful," Winter whispered. "Let me help you in!" Serenity offered, "Elise, do you want to zip it?" Winter asked, giving her the honors. Looking at herself in the mirror, Winter felt her nerves melt away. This felt right, she realized, as though everything in her life had led up to this moment. Her hands balled in determination, "Nemia, my earrings." Nemia brought over the jewelry box.

"This is it," she breathed. "We'll see you on the other side," Mercedes waved. The music began to play, Winter stood behind the closed doors, waiting. Finally, she heard her cue. The doors opened, everyone rising as she began to walk down the aisle. Winter smiled, wanting to cry. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for was finally here. Zed stood at the end, underneath an arch full of roses and tulle. He was smiling, his eyes glistening. Had they been thinking the same thing? Winter thought. She was close now, stepping on flower petals from her bridesmaids. Winter walked up the two steps, onto the stage, where Zed and Zeus stood. Zed lifted the veil from over her face, his smile the biggest she had ever seen. "Ready?" He asked softly, taking her hand. She nodded.

"Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today," Zeus began, officiating the wedding. "Zed, do you take Winter to be your lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in Heirship and afterlife?" Zed nodded, "I do." Zues turned and repeated the sentence to Winter. "I do," she laughed, the urge bubbling up inside of her chest. "Please exchange rings," the bands were matching gold, with a pattern engraved that fit into one another. They exchanged rings, then, their wrists were tied together with red string. "I now pronounce you husband and wife."

The next day was the coornation. Winter awoke curled up in Zed's side, she was tiny compared to him. "Winter, it's time." Zed kissed her forehead, murmuring into her hair. "One more minute," they were both nude, laying against each other under the covers. It was a little awkward, for both of them at first. Neither were experienced in this area, but they had figured it out. Winter was sore, but there wasn't time to complain. "Morning," he kissed her on the lips. She crawled on top of him, pressing her chest against his. "I love you," Winter whispered as he stroked her cheek. "I love you more than life," he replied, nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck. A knock on the door startled. "D-don't come in!" Winter pulled the blanket against them. "It's time to get ready," Nemia chided.

"We'll be out in a moment," Zed promised. They scrambled to put on their pajamas, Nemia and Rex entering to drag them to their prespective stations. Winter's coornation outift was almost as extraordinary as her wedding dress. Iris had planned it for her, of course. "You look stunning," Zed took her hand, leading her to breakfast. "You look great," he was wearing a matching white suite with silver embellishments. "Morning you too!" Ezra waved, "Did you finally do the deed?" Carter punched him in the shoulder, Winter's cheeks turned pink. "Ezra, shut up!" He laughed, nearly choking on bacon. "We have to leave right after this, if you're not ready, you're going to get left behind."

The carriage ride there was short, but full of nerves. Winter and Zed rode together, the others taking a second carriage. "Are you nervous?" Winter placed a hand over his, their rings touching. "Not at all, how about you?" He asked, reaching out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "Never," she replied with a smile. They walked up the steps, the two of them holding hands. All of Olympia and then some had turned out today to watch the cooronation. "We are gathered here today!" Zeus's voice boomed out through the microphone, "for a historic moment! From today onwards, I step down as Leader and King of Olympia!" He gestured behind him, where Zed and Winter stood. "I hand over the reigns to my successor and son in law, Zed of Archenia." He stepped forward, kneeling in front of Zeus. Zeus removed his crown, placing it on Zed's head.

Winter knelt down as well, but instead of receiving her crown from Iris, Zeus lifted it from a pillow. "Your Mothers in the Far Show watch over you," he said softly, his microphone still on. He placed the crown on Winter's head, the weight of it surprisingly heavy. "From here, Olympia looks towards the future!"