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Snippet #2816003

located in Bluffton, North Carolina, a part of 7 Years, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bluffton, North Carolina



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Character Portrait: Amelia Boudreaux Character Portrait: Diana Boudreaux Character Portrait: Jenna Reynolds Character Portrait: Casey Worthington Character Portrait: Ben Bordreaux-Hansen Character Portrait: Nas Amasio-Hansen Character Portrait: Jeremiah Hawk
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_____ T H EXF R E EXS P I R I T _____

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Location: The Boudreaux Residence
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Amelia snorted when Casey had the audacity to pin her own inability to face Jenna just yet on Lia's request for attention. Granted, it probably was more of a demand, but Lia wasn't about to be blamed, which resulted in her retorting, not even pretending to mutter under her breath, "Ooookaaayy, blame me, why don't ya?" Her eyes had slipped back into something more playful as she put the bad spirit from her past to bed for the moment, as Dion crept out of her touch to go traipsing about her bedroom as if in search of something else to mess with. It gave her an opportunity to concentrate solely on her friend.

Amelia's green-brown eyes widened in alarm just as Casey paled, a panic stricken expression crossing the other woman's features as she mentioned Erin being downstairs where Jenna and the others also were. She actually really liked Erin, enjoyed waltzing up to the bar at Boom when the other girl used to work there just to sip on margaritas and glean any information she could from her just for the hell of it, found pleasure in making Casey whine about how much her cousin spilled too much, especially about her. Which was why it was difficult to find true pity in the other girl - sympathy, perhaps, because she understood the weight of anxiety and regrets, and particularly how so much said worries plagued the girl Casey had been when they were younger. The girl Amelia felt she was looking at. Instead, even when Amelia crossed the space between them to place her hands on Casey's shoulders in comfort, Lia couldn't help but secretly thrill at the thought of Erin wreaking havoc, especially if it helped Lia's plans to get all of her friends to get their shit together. She wasn't planning on staying in Bluffton for long, and no she was not going to investigate the pang that thought struck in her chest, but she'd at least play fairy godmother while she was here, if she could. "Hey, take a breath. No one's fucked here," she goaded the other woman, the Yet, a thought she was going to keep to herself. "Nobody's accusing you and truth be told, you and I both know that Erin would stir shit up even if you'd stayed downstairs." Grinning, Lia added playfully, "Besides, we both also know you would've made shit awkward without even trying, babe. It'll be fine."

It was easier to believe that now that she'd distracted herself with Dion and then with Casey. The knot in her belly had abated, not necessarily disappeared just yet, and interacting felt more manageable. She still had to introduce her son to these people, to her family and Amelia didn't want to. She wanted Dion to know his aunt, to finally see his uncle he loved so dearly. She also wanted to snatch him up into her arms, protect him, shield him from anyone and everyone who could threaten the peace she'd found in motherhood. But she couldn't - no, wouldn't. It defeated the purpose of the two flights she took to return. Plus, she realized as her phone vibrated on her old bed and she removed herself from Casey to see what the fuss was, she was here for a reason - for Ben. "Shit, we gotta go," she announced, wincing briefly in remembrance at Nas' shock for her crassness even around Dion. Her son didn't seem to notice, too distracted with the mirrored door of her closet. She hadn't even seen Ben's first text, scrambling to reply.

To: Benny Boo
Srry, diaper emergency

"We got this." Amelia didn't know who she was really telling it to, Casey or herself, but she tossed the words to the blonde's face the second she felt her own pulse quicken as she whirled back around. "We're gonna get drinks, we're gonna not run from Jenna, and we're gonna be just fine. Promise." It probably wasn't the best thing to say, making a promise, but Lia was clutching Casey's wrist in an attempt to make sure her best friend did not try to hide away like Lia secretly knew that she herself had been doing. She called Dion over and the toddler charged for her and then for the bedroom door, trying to wrench it open as if he was the one strong enough to do it when it was his mother who turned the knob. "We've got this," Amelia said, though she whispered it to herself, letting Dion pretend he knew the way as he surprisingly did lead them towards the steps, heart slamming into her ribcage in time with her heels onto the carpeted floor beneath their feet.

_____ T H EXB A DXB O Y _____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: The Boudreaux Residence
Dialogue Color โœฆ #307D7E
Thought Color โœง #183E3F

It seemed they were all geared to head towards the bar, which was great because lingering too close to the door drew attention, even if the other partygoers hid it behind champagne flutes. Nas didn't reckon himself enough of a personality to be well-known, but this was an event for the sake of his husband. Regardless of how much his in-laws had not particularly liked his acquiring the title, Bluffton was a small town and well...nothing stayed a secret for too long in Bluffton, regardless of who the secret involved. Due to that, as much as he knew there were an assortment of conversations flowing throughout the room, knowing that he drew a few gazes - some speculative, curious, accusing, even - made his nostrils flare. His shoulders drew back almost instinctively, muscles coiling, poised for defense, for attack if needed - a disposition he's always known garnered fear, bespoke dominance, a welcome veil for the roiling anxiety festering deep within. He'd even been poised to begin walking since Jeremiah appeared distracted by his phone, but then...but then Diana.

Nas would be lying if he said he wasn't grateful for Diana's presence, the way her arrival made his face split into something less like a stray dog ready to bite the second some wayward civilian reached out and more into something soft, agreeable. Even before he and Ben had married, Nas believed Diana didn't like him, just tolerated his presence because it seemed their circle gravitated towards one another and they were bound to interact. He acquired a protectiveness towards her regardless of the fact, a residual characteristic he thought he saved for family until he actually made friends and it's only grown, surprisingly, despite the state of his marriage. So, seeing her now despite having seen her a few weeks ago, managed to make the corners of his mouth twitch upwards into something resembling a smile, though he knew he couldn't fully commit. Not until he had some liquor in his system.

There was something disconcerting about her countenance, though, in the way her body felt too stiff against him when they hugged. "Hey, Di," he replied simply, giving her a light squeeze in his arms while attempting to decipher her expression. He couldn't, not really, when she wore a fortress for a face and elegance for armor. But he was at least able to pinpoint a shared discomfort between her and Jeremiah, their greeting stilted, an air of asphyxiated affectation lingering between the two. He knew the two hadn't ended their relationship smoothly; he'd been able to glean that much from the stiff way Diana had mentioned it some time ago. But he had never really attempted to gain any more information; it didn't seem to be his business and he thought his relationship with the oldest Boudreaux daughter fragile enough. Nas' brow furrowed slightly at the way Jeremiah bee-lined for the bar area. "Yeah, ummm," he paused, uncomfortable with the way Jeremiah completely abandoned them to his whatever-the-fuck-that-was, the way Diana seemed grieved both with the interaction and the current emptiness of her glass, "...we were just headed over. Can probably find you a refill, too." He finished the statement lamely, but there didn't seem to be much else to say. He was good with talking when it wasn't heaped upon him and with the more sociable of the two males seeking absolution at the bartender's mercy, he only had himself and Jenna. To support his assertation, Nas headed towards the bar, glancing back to ensure the two women were following before a flash of pale skin and paler hair caught the corner of his eye before his heart lurched up into his throat, making him suddenly wary about approaching the bar at all. Nas swallowed, hard.

Ben was there.