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Snippet #2816044

located in Ferburn City, a part of Civil Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ferburn City

A city torn apart by war.


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Character Portrait: Eli Hunt Character Portrait: Ambrose Maione
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outfit : here xxxxxxx hex; #006C5D
xxx I'm headed straight for the castle
xxx They wanna make me their king
xxx And there's an old man sitting on the throne
xxx That's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean

It didn’t take long for the meeting between the two families to start. Ambrose stood off next to his sister, not talking much to the other family., letting his parents do most of the talking to the Hunts. Even though he was next in line, Brody tended to stay out of the spotlight, Gerard, the next in line for the Hunt family took more control than Amrbose ever would during these meetings. Maddy threw out a few snarky remarks here and there, and every time Ambrose would just tell her to be quiet, which made her roll her eyes. It wasn’t until Gerard retorted, calling her a little whore that finally brought words out of Brody’s mouth. “Hey! Don’t talk to her that way. Unlike her, I won’t miss the shot.” He shouted from beneath his bandana.

“Ambrose. No need for threats.” His father quickly, trying to shut down anything before things escalated. “That wasn’t a threat father, it-” Brody started talking, but a glare from his father shut him down quickly. “Honey, go take a breather.” His mother quickly said to him. This was one of their many codewords the Maione’s had set up, his mother didn’t actually want Brody to take a breather, but to step away and do some scouting around, in this scenario, see if the Hunts set up any sort of trap. He faked an eye roll and an out loud sigh of a deep breath and walked off to the side and quickly out of sight between some train cars.

Brody stayed light on his feet as he snuck around, not wanting to be caught too far away from his family. He expected their rivals to send someone to look for the missing Maione child, and would be a bit disappointed if they didn’t if he were to be honest, and dumb on their part. But he wasn’t worried, right now he just cared about gathering some information and any possible threats that may be coming their way. While his parents were content with speaking about peace and a possible truce, Brody and Maddy weren’t as optimistic, both expecting a sort of scuffle going on.

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary around the trainyard, it was starting to seem like the other family didn’t bring any tricks up their sleeves or ambush plans, even though they got to the location first and this particular location was their idea. As Brody climbed down a ladder off of a train car, he heard the sound of a can getting kicked and quickly turned with his gun towards the sound. He froze for a second seeing it was Eli, subconsciously lowering his weapon a bit, not saying anything.