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located in Barden, VA, a part of the wicked game, one of the many universes on RPG.

Barden, VA

A city of heroes and villains that is tired of both.


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Malfyre gave Icarus a small nod when he thanked her for the food. "Don't mention it." she said calmly. She listened to him as he spoke, nodding as he explained he was sorry for over-reacting and that the visions never left him feeling not scared, but whenever it involved someone close to him, she couldn't blame him. As much as she wanted to speak up, she let him continue on. It was his turn to speak, and she wasn't about to interrupt him.

Kieran left out a soft sigh as he continued to explain everything in further detail. Explaining how they felt outnumbered and felt wary of them. It made sense, even if Kieran didn't exactly fall under the hero title, she understood his point. She happened to side with them more than anyone else, so it only added to that fear. Malfyre nodded again as she looked at him, "I get it...I really do. Life is already a shitstorm, add on the fact we've been at each other's throats for no reason...Well...I'm sorry." her voice crackled from beneath the mask. She licked her lips for a moment before she heard Icarus' voice suddenly appear in her earpiece, as well as the others. "Well hello, assholes." her voice crackled as she let out a small laugh. "Paladin...Artemis..." she started as a grin formed on her lips, "Hiya. Also, Paladin. I don't think your negative attitude about me being late all the time is a good vibe to have, sir."

Malfyre looked at Icarus, "Let's get this shit done, eh? And I'll try my best to not drop from a height up place again but...No promises. Just keep your head low and I'm sure you'll be fine."

Over the next few hours that had passed, Aaron didn't know what to expect from Kieran. Seeing as her mood at the last meeting had well, been all over the place, he just didn't want to bet on one thing, while it was something entirely different. But with the way the meeting ended, and her attitude towards the end, one even he knew was genuine, he was surprised to say the least. He even sent a few texts her way later that evening to make sure she was okay and not pissed off, but after about the fifth or sixth text, he knew it was a lost cause to try and get an answer from her. She was busy with work, locked in her tunnel vision she'd get whenever she sat down in front of a computer for hours on end. He honestly wondered how she did it.

But as his phone eventually buzzed to life with messages and directions of where to go, he set out with the others. Until they came to the conclusion of one final place to check. They all agreed to go in teams for this. And he was pleasantly surprised when he was assigned to work with Aboleth and Gemini, but not dissapointed. He had worked with both sides of Gemini a few times in the past, and they were easy people to work with. As for Aboleth well, he didn't really have an opinion on her, aside from being able to tell she wasn't one for much conversation. Which, he didn't mind. The following morning he geared up, stowing away his knives in the inner pockets of his jacket, and took his mask with him as he left for the place he'd be meeting the others at.

Aaron stuck to using the shadows to travel around the city, it made travel time easier and kept him from dealing with people as walking would have provided him. He silently stepped out from the shadows he formed together and gave the others a small nod as he folded his arms across his chest after he put the earpiece in its proper place, hearing the others confirm they were in place and ready to go. "Ready to go when you are." Aaron finally spoke up, breaking the silence from his end. There was a short pause before another voice sounded in his ear, "Oh look who actually showed up!" Aaron rolled his eyes at the voice, "[color=]Like you're one to talk. Lemme guess, ran a bit late today?" Aaron teased back. There was another short pause, "I hate you." the voice crackled before going silent again. Aaron chuckled and shook his head before looking at his temporary companions, "Want me to go first or...?" he asked with a raised eyebrow before giving a small nod, "I'll go first...Yeah..." he stammered out as Aaron looked around once more, before using his abilities and disapearing from sight, before reappearing close by the buildings' edge where a darker patch was due to the siding of the building. Giving just enough for him to work with. Aaron placed his hand against the cold ground below, shadows slowly spreading out from under his fingertips as they stretched along the pavement.

This allowed for him to feel for any vibrations or movement that they couldn't see with their own eyes, acting as almost a form of echolocation. He could sense a few vibrations within the building, but they were a lot farther away, which gave them more than enough time to get inside. Aaron finally looked back up to the others as he gave them a nod to signal for them to make their way over and find a proper way inside.