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located in Ferburn City, a part of Civil Blood, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ferburn City

A city torn apart by war.


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xxxit says home is where your heart is
xxxbut what a shame
xxxcause everyone’s heart
xxxdoesn’t beat the same
His brother’s temper was going to get them into trouble as usual, it seemed. Eli didn’t externally react as his brother called one of the Maiones a whore, but internally, he was rolling his eyes. That wasn’t going to get either of them anywhere, and their respective leaders seemed to realise that. One of the Maiones threw an insult, though, and normally, Eli would have taken it as a sign that they were getting under their skin. But instead, his brow furrowed ever so slightly. The voice of the older Maione seemed… familiar.

As the matriarch sent him away, Eli already knew what his order would be. He slipped away as quietly as he could, going to follow him. He knew how this worked now. He was to go and follow them, and make sure they weren’t setting up any sort of trap. Eli was the best for going undetected, knowing how to stick to the shadows and how to go undetected.

But the familiarity of the other man had rattled Eli ever so slightly, and he was a little off form. As he watched the Maione climb down from a train car, Eli’s foot nudged a can and sent it rolling away from him. He swore silently to himself, going for his own gun. But the Maione didn’t shoot for some reason, and so Eli didn’t either, keeping the gun pointed squarely at the man’s head.

“Come on, then. You’ve got me all alone, why the hesitation? You too afraid?” Eli said, knowing that provoking this man was probably the best way to get him angry and throw him off.