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located in Atlas City, a part of Hadean, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlas City

A city on the front line of innovation, science, industry, and heroism! A growing community, helping build a better future for everyone!


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Character Portrait: Devon Metzger Character Portrait: Sasha Belov Character Portrait: Henry Stewart Character Portrait: Akiko Bong
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"It migth take a moment, but I should be able to find an angle where I can provide supporting fire on both fronts." Devon replied to Henry and Akiko trying to give both of them a bit of reassurance as he looked around the caverns for a good position to unload from. There were many small outcroppings and shadowy corners to hide in however there weren't any that jumped out regarding their firing angles, he might actually have to hop between firing positions quite a bit to provide assistance to both sides.

It was then that Akiko moved towards the tracks, not wanting to break the invisibility he had to follow along and got their first glimpses of what was happening in the tunnel. Looking into the tunnel Devon could see the rather one-sided nature of the battle at hand, while it might have looked like a stalemate for the moment this was a battle of attrition the woman wasn't going to win, there were just too many roaches there and god knows how many there were in reserve ready to get called in to replace the casualties.

"Last time I tried to keep it alive to beat some answers out of, that's not a mistake I'll make again." Devon whispered as black smoke began flowing from him. "I'm going to cause a bit of chaos, this'll probably be the best moment to do what you have to do Henry... And I'll have to ask you two to get her out of that encirclement. If everything goes silent regroup back the way we came just far enough from these slavers to avoid detection." He whispered to the group breaking contact with Akiko just a moment before the smoke has dissolved his entire body.

Making his way over to a small shadowy outcropping halfway up the tunnel wall Devon settled into his firing position,it was far from perfect and he was worried about the time bending bull those roaches could pull, but at the very least it seemed like it took a moment of warm up to activate. He took a deep breath and unleashed his first volley, the sound of the shots echoed against the tunnels walls and overlapped just as he'd hoped, it would help keep his position a bit harder to pinpoint with the dissonant sounds it created.

At almost the same time the sound of larger explosion rang from in between the ranks of roaches as fragmentation shells detonated mid air. A varied mix of shots was levied at the roaches, armor piercing shots aimed at any of those damned broaches he could see and anything that shared a resemblance, and fragmentation rounds scattered between the roaches trying to avoid sending shot towards the woman.

After the initial volley he switched out from his rifle to his pistols unloading a mixture of cryogenic, high kinetic and soft point bullets. Between the possibility of hitting an invisible ally and the flammable nature of the smelly air his options after that opening volley were a bit limited.