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Snippet #2817206

located in Sky's Edge, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sky's Edge

A planet with terrestrial features whose primary terrain is jungle. Unlike other planets within the system, it is superficially Terran in it's nature. Except for a few items of toxic plant life, the atmosphere is breathable and manageable for most humans


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The Aschen’s Fiiskire would find itself under attack from numerous bands of independent factions. They were ‘Splinters’, small groups more focused on defending their jungle hideouts than expanding their petty groups. Perhaps only 10-20 in each, these are the sorts you might expect to find hanging out near dodgy alleyways. They didn’t tend to have in atmosphere fighters of any sort, given their temperament, but would set up traps all around their encampments and arm themselves to ward away other ne’er-do-wells.

For such a purpose is the bizarre chemical concoction known as “Weirdness Sludge”. A viscous, purple, putty-like slime that has a mind-boggling effect on atomic bonds. It gives any substance it touches the same consistency as itself. That is, it turns stuff into a putty-like slime. The material maintains its original colour and chemical makeup. Electronic devices and mechanisms will still work, despite being subjected to the ‘Weirdness’. A steel ceiling may bend downward into the interior, but it IS still as strong as steel and won’t be able to be separated as the sludge itself can be. The sludge can be cleaned/wiped off with something as simple as a tablecloth, at which point the material will warp back into its regular shape. The only substance known to grant immunity to these peculiar effects, is lead, and so it is exactly what the Splinters’ sludge grenades are made of.

There would also be plenty of pitfall traps filled with the stuff, intended to trap intruders in a mess of perspective horror. As for standard weapons, the most basic ballistic firearms and construction tools like nailguns and arm-mounted jackhammers.

Meanwhile, inside one of the Children's hideouts, Roland stood in anticipation after his message.

"They'll step hard and fast. But their MO is to stop this sort of thing before it happens, like us, so at the very least I'd like to imagine we're causing a ruckus."

Roland didn't have a terminal, and refused to use them, so it was common for new recruits to the Children to be devoted couriers. He had only just received word that the Fiiskire was landing in Splinter jungle, delivered by one who had enough of the 'sit and wait' lifestyle of them.

"Say, Rei. I've never been the greatest on the spot, but with a fourman vessel what do you consider our odds on getting out in the mess?"