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located in Atlas City, a part of Hadean, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlas City

A city on the front line of innovation, science, industry, and heroism! A growing community, helping build a better future for everyone!


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Character Portrait: Devon Metzger Character Portrait: Sasha Belov Character Portrait: Henry Stewart Character Portrait: Akiko Bong
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As he had expected the big mother roach was quite tough, even after all that brutal violence of fire she seemed to have enough fortitude to press on even while burning and rushing it's way through an oxygen deprived zone. A bit of surprise washed over Devon's face when the queen appeared from the smoke caked in melting and burning carapace of her own mixed with that of her brood, it wasn't so much that she was still alive and kicking that was surprising, but rather the sheer tenacity or stubbornness with which she attacked even after being dealt such a blow.

His surprise didn't last long as her incessant screeching reached his ears, before he could fully take in the words she had spoken he released the next shot. Reacting to the words as the shot soared at the target. "Let me help you with that vermin problem. Starting with this roach infestation!" Devon screamed back at the enraged queen his shot exploding almost in sync with him uttering the word roach. The explosion itself wasn't much to look at though no spectacle of fire or color, the only visual ques of the explosion was the settling smoke and the roach corpses beneath being launched away from the epicenter, and of course the roach queen being shoved back from the impact force. However it certainly could be heard as the shock wave passed over the ship sounding like a rapid series of nearby heavy lightning strikes.

The heavy hit had bought them a little bit more time, but it wouldn't be enough to stop the furious roach of continuing her pursuit. However looking at the distance to the Precipice, Henry's jogging pace and the speed at which the queen gave chase it wouldn't be enough. Not to mention the thought that she might chase after them through the Precipice and potentially come raise hell in their world didn't sit well with Devon.

While he was thinking about another solution since clearly so far the effects hand't been stellar Devon continued to fire the thought cannons with what basically amounted to fireballs, exploding and burning more of the chitin, honestly it might as well have been the beast of decay with how he was attacking it... "Well... I guess I should have realized that sooner, fuck me." He said as an epiphany reached his brain.

Almost immediately after the content of the shots chanced from it's fiery contents to something more... liquid. As the first shot of liquid made contact it started to hiss and evaporate cracking the carapace where it hit, taking out small chunks of it and freezing the exposed flesh between the cracks and chipped chunks of chitin. Thermal shock to break the armor and the freezing effect would take care of the flesh exposed. No matter how unlike normal roaches they behaved they were still roaches and still were just blood filled meat sacks, and all that water contained in there is just perfect to freeze and destroy those cells it's in and around. "Henry I don't mean to hurry you, but... She still gaining on us." Devon said with a bit of concern in his voice to the atlas sized entity running with the ship like it was a trophy he just won. The freezing was working, but between the time gadgets and her berzerker like enraged state it just wasn't quite fast enough.