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located in Atlas City, a part of Hadean, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlas City

A city on the front line of innovation, science, industry, and heroism! A growing community, helping build a better future for everyone!


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Character Portrait: Devon Metzger Character Portrait: Sasha Belov Character Portrait: Henry Stewart Character Portrait: Akiko Bong
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"At least there won't be nearly as much traffic on the road back." Devon jested as He watched Henry walk off to his ride before realizing he'd better get a move on as well. "It's probably a good thing you're knocked out, it isn't exactly a pleasant experience for first time flyers." He mumbled to an unconscious Akiko a wisps of smoke began trailing around the both of them pulling them into wraith form. As soon as the smoke had dissolved the both of them Devon set off flying the straightest path to the hotel he could practically follow.


At arriving back at the resort one couldn't help but notice the crater in the yard and the debris in the area surrounding it. Though who left such a striking impact from the others that were residing at the resort was a bit of a conundrum to him, there were actually quite a few culprits that he could see able to cause that amount of damage. Might be worth looking into who it was later, but first there were other priorities.

Still maintaining his wraith form Devon made his way to the room he assumed was Akiko's, at the very least he assumed there weren't any others that had brought companions of the feline nature with them. Slipping his way through the cracks around the doorframe he entered the room and with a glance at the cat was was just lazing on the bed he confirmed that it was Akiko's. As he undid his wraith form to deposit an unconscious Akiko the very much unappreciating feline jumped up, hissed and fled the scene for one of the hidden corners of the room, though Devon had a feeling he/she would return quite quickly to the bed and Akiko once he'd left the room. He laid Akiko into the bed and made sure to tuck her in before returning to his wraith form and making his way to the ground floor.

He went almost directly to the buffet for a cup of coffee, as it was quite honestly very much needed. If only to take the edge of the circadian fuck-up-ery that was that bout of time travel. After downing the first cup of coffee he got his hands on in pretty much one big gulp he grabbed a refill and headed back out into the resort, looking for any other sign of life... Well beyond the staff, one couldn't exactly talk esoteric matters to them... Especially since he hadn't even gotten a firm grasp on it all himself.